To many, Keanu Reeves is the closest we will ever get to a real-life saint. He is as good as it gets, and Hollywood should pay attention. We need more people like him on this planet.

Keanu Reeves Respects Women and Boundaries

If you’ve ever seen a picture of Keanu Reeves with a woman, you will notice his hand placement. It differs from the majority of famous people who are happy to grab in front of the cameras. But not Keanu! Even Twitter started noticing the gentlemanly behavior.

There was another time when the famous actor was taking the New York subway and saw a woman standing. Without a second thought, he looked at the woman, offered his seat, and stood up for the rest of the journey.

He’s Kind-hearted and Generous

When a teenager tried to get Keanu Reeves’ autograph at a local theater and failed, he lost hope. However, things quickly turned around for James Dator when Keanu learned about the kid.

Most recently the John Wick actor even gave his stunt team Rolex watches!

More importantly, Keanu Reeves donates his wealth to children’s hospitals and cancer research. Truly, this man is an angel among men.


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