Keanu Reeves took part in a ‘pup quiz’ during Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The 58-year-old performer and the talk show host sat down for a game of animal-related trivia during which each correct answer was matched with a Golden Retriever puppy.

During the game, Fallon commented that the match was ‘not fair.” He added, ‘I’m not taking a puppy away from John Wick,’ much to the actor’s enjoyment.

After sweeping his opponent, the Bill and Ted franchise star triumphantly declared: ‘I’m the puppy king!’

The actor, who was recently joined by Rina Sawayama and Bridget Moynahan at a screening, also used his time on the program to promote the release of his upcoming movie John Wick: Chapter Four.

Before the trivia match started, Reeves and the show’s host sat down for an interview with the latter revealed that, after running into the actor at a restaurant and sending him a single olive, he responded with a much grander gesture.

Fallon recalled: ‘You had the whole restaurant come over and sing me Happy Birthday. And it was not my birthday…I blew out the candle.’

The late-night show host went on to speak about when the actor, who is well known for his kind acts, about when he ‘crashed someone’s wedding in London’ and took pictures with the bride and groom.

After showing off a photo featuring the unlikely group, Reeves quipped: ‘One of these things does not belong, and it was me.’

The television personality then discussed the actor’s comic book, BZRKR, and the latter opened up about getting a film adaptation off the ground.

‘Netflix said “do you want to make it with us?” And I was like, “sure.” And so we’re going to try and make that happen,’ he stated.

The topic of conversation then turned to John Wick: Chapter Four, and Reeves spoke highly of the creative qualities of the film’s director.

‘Chad Stahelski is very inventive. He really wants to create different kinds of environments or ways in the storytelling for the action,’ he stated.

The performer went on to speak about the themes of the fourth installment in the action-adventure franchise.

He stated: ‘It’s friendship, brotherhood, father-daughter, the choices you make, rules and consequences…who are you, man?’

John Wick: Chapter Four premiered in London earlier this month and it is scheduled to be released in the United States on March 24.

The movie has been received well by critics and currently holds a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


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