Kathy Griffin, 62, reveals she’s having vocal cord surgery after losing her voice during lung cancer treatment – as emotional star says: ‘I’ll do anything to get my voice back’

  • Griffin, 62, lost her signature voice after her oncologist removed half of her left lung in August 2021
  • She first revealed last August she was diagnosed with stage one lung cancer, despite never having smoked cigarettes
  • In November 2021 she revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she was cancer free

Kathy Griffin has revealed she is returning to the hospital for a 20-minute surgical procedure on her vocal cords – after a battle with lung cancer affected her speech.

The Emmy winner, 62, who spoke about her recovery from surgery to have half of her left lung removed in September, said she would do ‘anything to get my voice back’ in an emotional video posted on Tuesday,.

She said: ‘Good morning. Yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself and I’ll tell you why. ‘Because I’m on my way to the hospital again, because I have to go into general to get another procedure on my vocal cords.

‘So the good news is I get to go home today. But the last time I got this done, it hurt for like seven days. But I’m just being a baby.

‘But I want to get my voice back, you know, I’ll do anything.

‘Also I wanted to tell you guys, I want your pity. Right, you know in movies, when they’re like, “I don’t want your pity, don’t feel sorry for me!”

‘Hell yeah, I’ll take it I’ll take your pity. I’ll take your feelings of sorry. I love it. Bring it.’

On Instagram, Kathy received supportive comments from five-time Grammy nominee Carnie Wilson, Oscar winner Tatum O’Neal, Emmy nominee Mo Collins, and The Peripheral star Alexandra Billings.

Griffin – whose brother Gary and sister Joyce both died of cancer – lost her signature voice after her oncologist removed half of her left lung in August 2021.

The Illinois-born, Calabasas-based comedian will be cared for by her second husband – marketing executive Randy Bick – whom she wed in 2020 after nine years of dating and a brief four-month split in 2018-2019.

Kathy divorced her first husband – computer technician Matt Moline – in 2006 after five years of marriage.

Back in September Kathy revealed she had been working on getting her voice back after her lung cancer treatment.

In her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the comedienne said the last time she was on the show she had lung cancer which required half of her left lung to be removed.

‘My voice got some damage,’ said the TV star. ‘But I’m fine, it doesn’t hurt… and the important thing is my boobs are still fabulous,’ she said as she shook her chest which made the audience cheer.

Kimmel, 54, commented that her new higher-pitched voice makes the star ‘funnier’ and asked, ‘Will eventually your vocal cords stretch and your voice will deepen again?’

Kathy responded, ‘I think it’ll get back to normal, but I’m not sure. I’m still working on it. I am funnier cause I think I sound non-threatening and demure. That’s my new angle.’

This comes after a difficult year-long recovery after revealing last August she was diagnosed with stage one lung cancer, despite never having smoked cigarettes.

She had half of her lung removed in August 2021 and revealed three months later on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she was cancer free.

‘I’m cancer-free. I don’t know why, I had a tumor, right? And I’ve never smoked, and it was in there for 10 years,’ she said.

In a candid podcast interview in March, the star discussed her previous addiction to pills and other struggles she has overcome in the wake of backlash she received after posing with a bloody effigy of then-President Donald Trump in 2017.

‘I tried to kill myself, and ended up in the psych ward,’ Kathy said during an appearance on The New York Times’ Sway podcast.

The My Life on the D-List star first revealed her pill addiction and suicide attempt in an interview with ABC News where she disclosed that she was battling stage one lung cancer.

The Emmy Award winner shared thoughts on circumstances related to her addiction saying, ‘I think — well, look, I think that I’m probably an addictive person, you know,’ Kathy said.

‘But you have to admit, it’s almost comical. I went in the hospital for pill addiction at 59 years old. Who the hell becomes a junkie in their late 50s? Me.’

She explained that she felt adrift after being ‘canceled’ and losing all of her gigs in the aftermath of the controversy.

Kathy went on to say, ‘It just came to a point where I was convinced that I had a good run on this planet and now it’s time for me to go. It’s been good. I’ve done a lot of great stuff and so you know, it gets pretty crazy.’

Kathy said that her two suicide attempts convinced her to seek help and embrace sobriety.

‘It was the fact that I overdosed and thought I was going to die,’ she said. ‘I fell down the stairs and I just got a bunch of injuries instead.’

After telling doctors that she had attempted suicide, Kathy was admitted to the psychiatric ward on a 51/50 hold.

The performer explained that her thoughts of suicide went away after she went into recovery saying, ‘and so I’m there, in the hospital psych ward for three days and boy, that will sober you up like nothing. You have no drugs, you’re just shaking, and I’m looking at the ceiling and just reassessing life choices and you have nothing but your own thoughts.’

Kathy went on to say that the hospital connected her with sober clinicians who aided her in her recovery.

‘And so that really saved my life,’ she admitted. ‘Through that process, you are kind of unpacking anything and everything. Everything is kind of surrounded by that a little bit. That comes first and then you know, you can, I don’t want to say deal with the shallow career stuff but we’ll see if maybe being quote ‘canceled’ isn’t worth dying for.’


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