Kanye West, now officially known as Ye, has made his return back to Instagram but has been immediately banned after posting content that violates TOS.

Kanye West, who officially changed his name to Ye last year, has been banned from Instagram once again following a recent post.

The rapper took to Parler, the upcoming social media that he has expressed heavy interest in purchasing, to announce that Instagram has banned his account for 30 days for a comment he made against Jewish people. Ye explained in his Parler post that he was talking to Russel Simmons, who was telling Ye to “be the bridge and fight white supremacy, while getting out the frustrations that blacks have with their Jewish brothers in a digestible way”. Ye replied by saying that he was staying in America and that “I gotta get the Jewish business people to make the contracts fair, or die trying”.

Instagram’s parent company, Meta, told CBS News that Ye’s account has had a restriction placed on it for violating the platform’s policies or terms of service. The spokesperson for Meta informed the publication that any account that violates its rules might experience a temporary ban or even restrictions, such as being unable to post, comment, or send direct messages to other accounts.

This isn’t the first time Ye has used social media to share antisemitic remarks, as the rapper had both his Instagram and Twitter accounts temporarily locked for similar statements. Ye’s Twitter account was reinstated the day after Elon Musk carried out his Twitter acquisition, which sparked speculation that Musk decided to unban Ye’s account personally. That speculation was put to rest after Musk cleared the air. More on that story below.

Following the temporary ban on both Twitter and Instagram last month, Ye said he was going to purchase Parler, but there haven’t been any movements on that front just yet. Notably, Ye, formerly Kanye West, has experienced mass distancing from prominent brands such as Gap, Adidas, Balenciaga, and big talent agencies such as the CAA and MRC Studio over his recent antisemitic comments. These brands backing away from Ye has undoubtedly influenced the rapper’s estimated net worth, with analysts reporting that losing the Adidas deal alone was worth anywhere between $150 – $200 million.

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