Being a co-host on The View comes with its own special set of perks, including invites to some of the most exclusive events, the White House Holiday Party among them. Both Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro attended the A-list soirée yesterday (Dec. 8), where they mingled with President Joe Biden and even stayed up for the after-party. While recounting their festive evening on today’s episode, Navarro shared the special significance the White House holds for her — but couldn’t get far before being interrupted by her co-host Joy Behar.

Navarro, who had photos with both Marc Anthony and Biden as evidence of her starry night at the White House, told the panel why she feels so excited every time she steps in the historic building, and it’s got nothing to do with the famous faces she meets there.

She began, “I’m a refugee from Nicaragua. And I—,” but Behar interrupted her to quip, “I’m a refugee from Brooklyn.”

Navarro pursed her lips and raised on eyebrow, before retorting, “I’m from a little further and I had to go through naturalization.”

After shutting down Behar’s joke, she got back to the point, explaining, “Every time I walk into the White House, I really wanna pinch myself ’cause I can’t believe I’m there, and it’s just the awe of the history, of the significance of the building, the things hanging on the walls. And during Christmas, it’s so incredibly beautiful. Happy to report the trees are green again, not red,” she said in a dig at former First Lady Melania Trump.

Earlier in the segment, Behar wondered if anyone missed her at the annual event, before her co-hosts revealed that she’d been invited, but exposed her as a no-show.

“Did anybody ask for me? I wasn’t there,” Behar said, to which Hostin replied, “You were asked for,” but Navarro piped in to correct the narrative, saying, “During your birthday, you said, ‘I hope I get invited to the Christmas party.’ Then they invited you to the Christmas party and you don’t show up.”

After Hostin told Behar the president had been looking for her at the party, she joked, “It’s my cross to bear with my party animal charisma. I fall asleep usually.”

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