John Travolta went all out for his 69th birthday, taking his 22-year-old daughter Ella Bleu and many close friends to Las Vegas for a fun-filled trip.

The two-time Oscar nominated actor – who appeared in a T-Mobile Super Bowl ad singing Summer Nights from Grease – took to Instagram on Tuesday, sharing a video set to the 1964 Elvis Presley classic Viva Las Vegas.

The actor’s birthday was on Saturday, as he chronicled the trip on video, condensed into a video that begins with the inspiration for the trip – an iconic 1960 poster for TWA airlines.

Travolta started the video with his own version of the poster, which featured at the bottom, ‘Fly Travolta World Airlines.’

‘I wanted to make my favorite childhood airline poster come to life for my birthday! So here we go! Viva Las Vegas!’ Travolta said in the caption of his video.

The video began with Travolta and Ella Bleu – with John clad in a classy tuxedo and Ella clad in a black maxi-dress, as they stand outside their chartered airplane.

They went up the stairs to the plane as we see many of the other guests all in formalwear while staff prepare dinner and drinks.

Travolta shares several shots of his guests and one of him in his seat before showing a shot of the airplane taking off from his window seat, while enjoying a martini.

The video continues with them landing and getting into their vehicles before heading out for a night on the town in Vegas.

They’re seen enjoying cocktails at a Vegas show, before they hit the tables, with one guest showing his dice to the camera before rolling them on the craps table.

There are also shots of more guests at the blackjack tables, along with shots from an aerial acrobat type of show.

Travolta also shares a moment with his oldest child Ella, as he twirls her around in their hotel.

The video also shows the actor saying a few words to his friends before he blows out the candles on his chocolate cake before showing the full dinner table.

He’s seen talking to one of his friends at the blackjack table before the video cuts to the next morning as they arrive to their chartered plane.

‘So I’m filming everybody coming aboard now,’ Travolta says into the camera, as we see his friends coming aboard before the flight takes off, as the video comes to an end.

The outing comes just weeks after Travolta starred in a T-Mobile Super Bowl ad with Zach Braff and Donald Faison.

They all sang a parody of the iconic Summer Nights song from Grease, with Braff and Faison trying to convince Travolta to go with T-Mobile Internet.

Travolta most recently reunited with his Pulp Fiction co-star Bruce Willis on the big screen in last year’s Paradise City.

He also returns as Ron Wilcox in the upcoming Die Hart: The Movie, reprising his role from the Quibi TV series, debuting on February 24.

The actor also has The Shepherd in post-production, based on Frederick Forsyth’s novel, though no release date was given.

He also has American Metal with Ashley Benson and Stephen Dorff and Cash Out with Lukas Haas, Kristin Davis and Quavo.


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