Robert Downey Jr FaceTimed Johnny Depp to congratulate him on his victory after the verdict in the much-talked-about defamation trial against Amber Heard was announced. Depp’s friend, Josh Richman, revealed the moment during a charity live stream event for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

He revealed during the live stream, “Other than Robert Downey, who FaceTimed first, he FaceTimed my phone. Cause that’s my other oldest friend of 35 years. And Bob [Robert] loves Johnny. He FaceTimed me, and then you know he was like ‘John, thank God it’s over’ and the next FaceTime was me and Adam and Johnny and that’s for real.”

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He further revealed that the 59-year-old ‘Pirates of Caribbean’ actor was “stoic” while his friends cried and screamed when the verdict was announced. He further added that Jeff Beck, who was with Depp in his UK hotel room, flipped off the television screen. A spokesman for Depp confirmed to The New York Post that Downey FaceTimed Depp after the result was revealed.

One user wrote, “ROBERT DOWNEY JR FACETIMED JOHNNY DEPP AFTER THE VERDICT I’M SCREAMING.” Another said, “Johnny Depp x Robert Downey Jr appreciation post ~ ♡ ~ forever.” A third tweeted, “Robert Downey Jr facetimed Johnny Depp after the verdict and he told him ‘John, thank god it’s over’ [face holding back tears emoji].”

A fourth added, “Just a reminder, Johnny Depp supported Robert Downey Jr when he got into legal trouble and wanted to help his friend. Now RDJ is returning the love and supporting Johnny Depp. This is the type of friendship I need, they warm my heart [red heart emoji].” A fifth commented, “Robert Downey Jr being a loyal friend to Johnny Depp? I never expected anything less.” A sixth felt, “not robert downey jr. facetiming johnny depp after the verdict plss they’re EVERYTHING [emotional face emoji].”

While one user wrote, “Robert Downey Jr loves Johnny Depp, so true [x3 sniffling emoji],” another said, “robert downey jr and johnny depp’s friendship is so important to me.” A third added, “Johnny Depp FaceTimed Robert Downey Jr after the verdict pls god put them in a movie together I am BEGGING!!!!” A fourth said, “Who FaceTimed Johnny after the verdict? RDJ DID [x4 crying face emoji].”

One user felt, “johnny depp being loved and supported by robert downey jr is EVERYTHING [x2 black heart emojis] him having the best friends around him, yes please.” Another added, “Robert Downey Jr FaceTimed Johnny Depp after his victory! I might actually cry. their friendship is so beautiful. I LOVE THEM [x3 crying face emojis].” A third said, “We absolutely need a Johnny Depp/Robert Downey Jr film immediately! Make it happen please @RobertDowneyJr [folded hands emoji] [red heart emoji].”

Richman also added that Depp had no intention of asking his former girlfriend, supermodel Kate Moss, to testify during the trial because he knew how private she was as a person. But when Heard mentioned Moss, the model was “pissed” and was like “f*ck this.” Richman added, “Her [Moss] goddaughter was like, ‘Did Johnny Depp push you down the stairs?’ She was like NO.” Moss then testified at court and stated that Depp had never pushed, kicked, or punched her in any way or form.

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