Jennifer Lawrence plays a cash-strapped woman trying to seduce a 19-year-old boy for pay in a wild new trailer for No Hard Feelings.

The racy comedy movie stars Jennifer, 32, as Maddie, who finds herself in such dire financial straits that she is on the brink of losing her late mother’s house.

Maddie throws herself on the mercy of a rich pair of New Age ‘helicopter parents’ played by Broadway stars Laura Benanti and Matthew Broderick.

Percy (Andrew Feldman), their geeky 19-year-old son, is about to go to college and has been cosseted his whole life, never breaking the rules.

The couple offers Maddie a car in exchange for a heavyweight favor – she must seduce Percy before he leaves for Princeton.

Maddie begins the trailer by running out of her house to see her car getting impounded by a tow truck driver she apparently used to date.

She tries to finagle her way out of the situation by telling the man (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) she misses him – but the previous night’s plans get in the way.

Right as she tries to put the moves on the driver, a musclebound Italian wearing nothing but underwear bounds out through her front door.

The sizzling beefcake wraps his arms around Maddie from behind and grabs her breasts over her protestations to the tow truck driver that he is her ‘cousin.’

‘I’m an Uber driver and I don’t have a car!’ she says, and resorts to attempting to carry out food deliveries on a pair of roller-blades.

While commiserating with her pals about her circumstances, she sees a classifieds ad on her phone: ‘Need a car? “Date” our son this summer to bring him out of his shell before college. In exchange we’ll give you a Buick Regal.’

Maddie wonders if the offer is a joke, but her friend says: ‘No, have you seen these helicopter parents? I’m surprised they’re not gonna f*** him themselves.’

She sits down for a meeting with the parents, who express their concern that their son ‘doesn’t come out of his room, he doesn’t talk to girls, doesn’t drink.’

‘So when you say date him, do you mean “date him” or “DATE him?” asks Maddie, and Percy’s parents instantly catch her meaning.

‘Yes,’ says Percy’s mother hurriedly, while the boy’s father doubles down: ‘Date him, date him hard,’ to which Maddie promises: ‘I’ll date his brains out.’

Maddie decks herself out in a slinky pink cocktail dress and struts her stuff into an animal shelter where he is volunteering with dogs.

‘Mind if I touch your wiener?’ she asks the gobsmacked teenager, before slyly clarifying she was just talking about the pooch in his arms.

After failing to make much headway, she tries to playfully kidnap him – only for her plans to go disastrously awry when he maces her in the face.

‘WHY?’ she wails, crawling across the ground, and when he squeals: ‘You tried kidnapping me!’ she snaps back at him: ‘You’re 19! Grow up!’

Her attempts to get the ‘unf***able’ ‘kid’ into bed continue unabated, even to the point of taking him out to drink underage.

However when she tries to ply him with a Long Island Iced Tea, he spits it out onto the table, complaining: ‘This is the worst iced tea I ever had!’

Persistent as ever, because ‘I just know my mom would’ve wanted me to save the house,’ she keeps trying to bring out the excitement in Percy.

She takes him to an arcade and performs a lap dance for him at home and in a burst of desperation she takes him skinny dipping in the ocean at night.

Maddie peels off her clothes and slides into the waves, patiently trying to assuage his misgivings about sharks and jellyfish.

When Percy, unable to overcome his squeamishness, adds: ‘It’s really the lack of lifeguards that – ‘ she bellows: ‘JUST GET THE F*** IN HERE RIGHT NOW!’

Maddie finds herself touched by how ‘sweet’ Percy is, especially after he confesses over an elegant dinner how ‘romantic’ his sensibility is.

On his end Percy does in fact begin to uncover a rebellious streak, rather overpouring his wine while having lunch with his parents.

As he glugs his glass down in one go, his father tries haltingly to pull the brakes, advising him: ‘You wanna savor it – savor it!’

Maddie then accompanies Percy to a party with other teens, where he proceeds to get so drunk she has to help him into the bathroom to vomit.

Once they emerge, they are confronted by a middle-aged man who appears to be te father of the high school graduate hosting the party.

The man tries to make Maddie leave, and when a drunken Percy takes a swing at him in her defense, he accidentally winds up punching her in the throat.

Helmed by Good Boys director Gene Stupnitsky, No Hard Feelings is slated for release right at the beginning of summer on June 23.

The cast includes Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse voice actress Natalie Morales and The Mick star Scott MacArthur as Maddie’s pals.


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