Just when you thought he was out, they pull him back in. It’s official—Batfleck is not hanging up his cape just yet, folks. The news of Ben Affleck’s return as Batman was broken by Jason Momoa (aka Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman) on Instagram via a picture of the two DC stars. “REUNITED. Bruce and Arthur. Love u and miss u Ben,” Momoa captioned the photos. Momoa also posted an Instagram story of a WB studio tour accidentally crashing the set of Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom during a tour of the lot. “Well, it’s not a fucking secret anymore, is it?” Momoa says while laughing to the packed tour cart. Momoa then walks toward a trailer with the initials “B.A.” on the door. When he enters, there is Mr. Affleck in all his glory. The question of how big a role Affleck’s caped crusader will have in the Aquaman sequel is still open, but the news of his return comes as a shock since the actor himself announced back in 2019 on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he was ending his reign as Batman.


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