• Amber Heard was back on the stand Monday morning to testify against ex-husband Johnny Depp
  • Heard addressed the incident in February 2016 where Depp claims that she pooped in their bed at their Los Angeles penthouse after an argument the night before on her 30th birthday
  • Heard suggested that it was one of their Yorkshire terriers, Boo, that did it, telling the court that the animal had ‘eaten Johnny’s weed as a puppy and had bowel control issues for life’
  • She began her testimony by saying that the first act of physical violence happened in 2012, not 2013 as she has previously claimed
  • Heard said: ‘You never forget it, that’s how I remember it. It changes your life. You never forget the time someone hits you like that. I just had the date wrong’

Amber Heard is back on the stand to testify against ex-husband Johnny Depp as the sensational defamation trial continues.

Heard addressed the incident in February 2016 where Depp claims that she pooped in their bed at their Los Angeles penthouse after an argument the night before on her 30th birthday.

Depp’s chauffeur Starling Jenkins previously told the court that Heard told him it was a ‘horrible practical joke gone wrong.’

Heard suggested that it was one of their Yorkshire terriers, Boo, that did it, telling the court that the animal had ‘eaten Johnny’s weed as a puppy and had bowel control issues for life’

Heard said that Boo and their other dog, Pistol, would sleep in their bed so Boo wouldn’t have to get up in the night and possibly go to the bathroom on the floor.

She said that while packing to go away to the Coachella music festival, Heard left Boo in the bed, which appears to have been when the feces incident occurred.

Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft asked Heard: ‘Did you commit any kind of prank?’

Heard said: ‘Absolutely not. First of all, I don’t think that’s funny. I don’t know what a grown woman does.

‘I was not in a pranking mood. My life was falling apart. I was at a crossroads in my life and I’d just been attacked on my 30th birthday by my violent husband with whom I was in love.

‘I don’t think that’s funny, period. That’s disgusting’.

Heard added that it made no sense to do something like that because whenever she and Depp argued he would stay at his house in another part of Los Angeles, meaning he wouldn’t even find the poop.

Depp rolled up to the court to ‘War’ by Bob Marley blaring. His fans went bananas and were screaming his name. He stopped and waved then joked: ‘Those are relatives, all relatives.’ The same crowd of Depp fans booed Amber Heard moments earlier when she arrived.


Heard told the court that she didn’t see Depp for a month after the argument on her 30th birthday in April 2016.

But when they saw each other next on May 21 – the date of their final argument before she filed for divorce and a restraining order – he was still obsessed with the idea she had pooped in their bed.

Depp called her as his mother had died and he said that he ‘needed’ her.

Recounting the phone call, Heard said: ‘He was going on about scientists and DNA and feces. He’d had some scientific analysis done.

‘As soon as I heard about this feces he thought was a prank, all the scientists he conferred with, I thought he was out of his mind. Clearly, the drinking and drugs are not getting better. Clearly, the delusions are not getting better.’

Heard said she was ‘really affected’ by the fact that Depp’s mother had died and reluctantly agreed to let him come to her penthouse to talk.

Depp arrived and at first, he was inebriated but ‘relatively peaceful.’

Heard said: ‘He wasn’t incoherent and he starts talking about the feces again this prank one of my friends he said left for him in our bed. I pointed out it didn’t make any sense and my friends wouldn’t do that. That’s not something a bunch of 30-year-old women thinks is funny.’

Heard tried calling one of her friends who could prove it didn’t happen and they could move on.

She said: ‘I thought if I could get my friend on the phone to prove this didn’t happen we could move on and talk about the issues we could talk about. Our marriage was over and falling apart in front of our eyes, his mother had just passed. I couldn’t believe he wanted to talk about feces’.

When the friend didn’t answer, Heard called her friend iO Tillet Wright who tried to explain on speakerphone.

Heard said: ‘It made Johnny madder, he got more upset, grabbed the phone and started screaming at iO.

‘Started screaming at the top of his lungs, dyke bi**h, screaming expletives. Telling iO he can have me and f**k off, screaming at him.

‘He tosses the phone down on the couch and heads upstairs. I pick up the phone and try to apologize for the fact my husband at the time just screamed at my friends on a cold call. It sounded crazy.

‘iO said something to me on speakerphone and reminded me I wasn’t safe. He said Amber get out of the house, you’re not safe, get out of that house.

‘Johnny hears this, he’s on the stairs, turned around, came bolting down the stairs, grabbed the phone from my hand, and really started screaming. Lit into iO, called iO every imaginable horrible name you can say to an LGBTQIA person, just screamed. Really nasty stuff

‘When he’s done he says you want to have my bi**h, you take her, you can have her. Pulls his arm back with the phone and throws it at my face. Hit me in what felt like my eye.

‘I put my head in my hands and immediately started crying. I said Johnny, you hit me. I’m sitting on the couch. I didn’t have time to put my hands up, still sitting cross-legged in my socks on the couch, I haven’t seen him for a month.

‘He comes over to me as I’m crying and he does that taunting thing, he says oh I hit you, yeah and he whacks me on top of my head, grabs me by the hair, and yanks me off the couch. I don’t know if he was intending to hit me in the face or grab my face but he was making this gesture to expose my face, let me see your face, what if I pull your hair back. He yanks my hair back. I’m trying to prevent him from landing blows on my face. I remember this mocking taunt as he’s yanking me around the room’.

Heard’s friend Rocky Pennington came in and got between the two of them, Heard told the court.

Heard curled up on the couch as Depp screamed 10 times: ‘Get the f**k up! Amber get the f**k up!’

Depp’s security arrived and escorted him out and one of Heard’s friends called the police to report a domestic violence incident.

But when they arrived Heard refused to cooperate with them and struggled with her emotions as she sought to explain why.

She said: ‘I wanted to protect Johnny. I didn’t want him to be arrested, I didn’t want the world to know. I didn’t want this to come out. I didn’t want this to be…I wanted to protect Johnny.’


Wearing a grey blazer, Heard began her testimony by saying that the first act of physical violence happened in 2012, not 2013 as she has previously claimed.

The incident was when Depp allegedly slapped Heard repeatedly when she laughed at his ‘Wino Forever’ tattoo, which he changed from ‘Winona Forever’ after breaking up with Winona Ryder, his ex-girlfriend.

Heard said: ‘You never forget it, that’s how I remember it. It changes your life. You never forget the time someone hits you like that. I just had the date wrong.’

Asked how she could forget the date, Heard said: ‘I am embarrassed to say I would have liked to have believed the period of time I had to fall in love with Johnny and he was sober and he wasn’t violent to me lasted a lot longer than it did.

‘I would have liked to have believed I wasn’t hit so early in the relationship.’

‘I’d allowed myself to forget that the beginning of that period, 2012, before he got sober, was really violent and chaotic as well. I’m embarrassed to say that.’

Heard described how she had to detail every instance of abuse during her nearly five-year relationship with Depp as part of this case.

She said she reviewed her therapists’ notes, calendars, and other materials for a list of incidents that was ‘far too long.’

Asked why she didn’t just remember this, Heard said ‘that’s not how your memory or my memory works.’

She said: We were together for five years almost and it was a very violent, chaotic at times very loving emotional relationship. As anyone can imagine there was a lot going on.

‘Unfortunately, the violence became almost normal, especially towards the end it was just – it’s hard to say that now but the violence was almost normal.

‘Your brain does with trauma what it does, put it away best you can. Frankly, I was shocked to see a lot of the information presented to me through my therapist’s notes.’

Heard said that she and Depp used to use the word ‘couch’ as a ‘safe word’ and that’s why it cropped up a lot in audio recordings.

She said: ‘Like a word like truce where you put down the proverbial guns and say truce, we’re not fighting anymore. The couch was supposed to be a word as a truce, I don’t want to fight anymore. Let’s stop this.’


The court was shown a series of photos of Heard at red carpet events with injuries she claimed she sustained during fights with Depp.

The court heard an audio recording taken by Depp or Heard during an argument on March 26, 2015. In the recording Heard tells Depp he is a ‘person I recognize for a brief moment and he disappears.’

She tells him he is an ‘insecure scary version of him that lashes out, very different every time.’

Heard says on the recording: ‘Adderall junkie Johnny, he’s abusive and he’s mean, he’s reactionary, anything I do and say is cause for violence. If I argue back then I’m abusive. If I don’t say anything then I’m dismissive. If I engage with him I’m part of the problem. If I don’t engage with him. If I look at him the wrong way it’s a problem. If I say the wrong thing I’m the problem.’

Asked in court what she meant by that, Heard said that the different versions of Depp ‘acted like independent versions of this person depending on what combination of drugs and alcohol he was on.’

Shortly after this Depp and Heard returned to Australia where Depp finally got sober.

Heard said: ‘I thought we had finally done it, he was going to be clean and sober for good. We had a wonderful period, we fell deeper in love than before. We were talking about having kids. When Johnny wasn’t using it was so peaceful.

‘We went back to Australia, we had my parents come and visit, we were talking about babies, a farm, buying a home in California. It was a beautiful peaceful period. It was wonderful’.


Heard claimed that her honeymoon with Depp was ‘peaceful’ until he started drinking ‘brown alcohol’.

‘The train trip itself was peaceful up until Johnny would start drinking brown alcohol. He’d already started drinking champagne when he wrapped on Pirates 5,’ Heard said.

‘I wasn’t ready to accept we’d gone back to a pattern at all. On the last night on the train after this was taken Johnny and I got into argument about him wanting me to agree to him drinking liquor. An argument followed in our sleeping car.

‘Johnny slapped me across the face and got a hold of my neck and pushed me up against the wall of the car. It was a small narrow sleeper car.

‘He was standing on the floor. I was trying to get his arms off my neck and he was squeezing my neck for what felt like a very long time.

‘Every time he’d pull me away from the car he’d slam me up against the wall. I remember trying to get his arms off my neck and remember thinking he could not even mean to kill me

‘I remember being scared he wouldn’t even mean to do it. Clawing at him, trying to get his arms away from my neck. At one point he tripped the top of my shirt, I had a breast exposed

‘I pull at the lapel of his shirt and he rips the shirt off of him and wraps it around my neck and that’s how I woke up the next morning, I woke up with it still around my neck and a giant knot in the back of my head’.

The defamation case hinges on a December 2018 opinion piece Heard wrote in the Washington Post. The article never mentioned Depp by name, but his lawyer told jurors it was clear Heard was referencing him.

The couple’s divorce was finalized in 2017 after less than two years of marriage.

Depp, once among Hollywood’s biggest stars, said Heard’s allegations cost him ‘everything.’ A new Pirates of the Caribbean movie was put on hold, and Depp was replaced in the ‘Fantastic Beasts film franchise, a ‘Harry Potter spinoff.

Heard’s attorneys have argued that she told the truth and that her opinion was protected as free speech under the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.

A state court judge in Virginia’s Fairfax County, outside the nation’s capital, is overseeing the trial, which is expected to last until late May.

Less than two years ago, Depp lost a libel case against the Sun, a British tabloid that labeled him a ‘wife-beater.’ A London High Court judge ruled he had repeatedly assaulted Heard.

Depp’s lawyers have said they filed the U.S. case in Fairfax County because the Washington Post is printed there. The newspaper is not a defendant.

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