A private investigator has dug deeper into the Madeleine McCann case and discovered shocking hospital records of the Polish woman, who claims to be the missing British girl. The reports apparently suggest that Julia Wendell never existed before the age of five in the Polish city which is supposedly her hometown. This comes after Wendell went viral on the internet after claiming that she is the three-year-old British girl who disappeared in Portugal in 2007 while on vacation with her parents.

Private investigator Dr Fia Johansson, who has been in Poland helping Wendell, reportedly found the medical reports after visiting a hospital in the western city of Wroclaw where the 21-year-old was supposedly born, as per RadarOnline. The administrator found Wendell’s hospital records known as her “health book” and discovered that she didn’t exist until she was five years old. “It was so strange because everything in Julia’s health book, everything, started at the age of five,” Dr Johansson told RadarOnline.com.

‘She just doesn’t exist during that time frame’

“So, everything between the ages of zero months to five years – everything — is missing!”, Dr Johansson added before saying, “And there is no signature by a doctor showing that they had removed any of the records from her file. She just doesn’t exist during that time frame.” At the moment, Wendell has learned that Polish courts cannot order her parents to submit a DNA test which could have played a key role in determining the young woman’s claim.

‘The man repeatedly raped her’

Wendell has previously claimed that she was never treated as part of the family by her parents or siblings and that she allegedly suffered multiple sexual attacks as a child by a man who poses a resemblance with the Portuguese police composite sketch of a former suspect wanted in the McCann case. Wendell has also claimed that her grandmother had said “something” about the McCann case before and that she allegedly found a family photo of the suspect who raped her as a child inside the elder relative’s house. “The man repeatedly raped her – she will never forget his face,” said Dr Johansson, who suspects Wendell may be a sex trafficking victim.

Wendell went viral after declaring on Instagram in late February, where she said that she could be the toddler who was kidnapped from a hotel room in Praia da Luz, Portugal, when her parents, Gerry, and Kate McCann, were dining nearby with friends. Her younger friends were left unharmed in the same room.

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