Let’s face it, since 2020, the standard “9-5” isn’t quite the norm it once was.

Perceptions of work-life balance have changed, and with that shift, more and more people are throwing in the towel on traditional “work-life”

One TikToker, Lucy Welcher aka @luluhasfun, who has over 84.4k followers, recently informed her followers that she is sick of the standard workday lifestyle and that she is just “too pretty” to bother with that kind of life.

“I do not want to work for the rest of my life,” she informed her viewers in the 8-second clip. “Does it look like I want to get up at 6 a.m. every f-cking day for the next 60 years?”

“No! I’m too pretty for that!” the blonde declared and took a long sip from her iced coffee.

The TikTok video has over 79.1k views and 6.3k comments, and the responses to the video were mixed — with quite a few misogynistic comments about her appearance, while others called her “entitled” and “lazy” for her view on working.

One commenter clapped back at her, saying, “Try waking up at 4 a.m. every day working 60 hours a week.”

“How about trying to be an adult instead of a privileged princess expecting life to be handed to you?” wrote a second TikToker.


“Someone’s entitled,” another person stated. “I hope you get humbled girl, you need it. Looks have to nothing to do with working and it’s sad you have that mentality.”

There was also a handful of funny response videos, mocking her by “remixing” with her original audio.

There were also many commenters who supported Welcher’s views.
“Sending this to every employer I’ve ever had,” replied one person who thought it was a great way of thinking.

Another simply said, “Preach it sissy!”

A third commenter said, “Bestie we need to be able to pay for our coffees and other things tho.”

One guy in the comments offered Welcher a proposition, suggesting, “You can be my housewife I make 6 figures a year just make sure the house is clean and food is on the table.”

The influencer stated in the comments of the video that her statement in the video was a “joke,” and she frequently films herself getting ready for work for her followers. In a recent video, she revealed that she had been promoted at her job.

“I’m starting a new position at my job today, so instead of folding towels, I’m going to be on the desk,” she informed her viewers. “I’m very nervous to start on the desk because although I may look very beautiful, smart, and talented, I’m not actually smart at all.”


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