A woman who had her face ripped off and was bitten more than 800 times in a vicious dog attack has revealed the results of her incredible facial reconstruction surgeries.

Jacqueline Durand, from Texas, was mauled by two dogs just a day before her 22nd birthday in December 2021 when she entered the home of a couple she was dog-sitting for.

Upon opening the door Jacqueline was pinned down by the dogs, who dragged her through the corridor and into the living room.

During the horrifying attack, they tore off Jacqueline’s nose, ears, lips and cheeks down to the bone.

Her face was left severely disfigured by the horrific experience, but Jacqueline has since undergone a series of intense reconstruction surgeries and has been sharing her story in an attempt to inspire others and raise awareness about the dangers of dogs.

She told CBS News: “I didn’t ask for this, so I think that it’s time to show who I am now and I can’t be scared of it.

“I want for dog owners to know their animals and be able to communicate with their sitters how they are.”

Jacqueline was set upon by two rescue dogs — Bender, a boxer and pit bull mix, and Lucy, a German Shepherd — who she had met once before.

But despite appearing “lovely” the first time she met them, their temperament quickly changed the moment Jaqueline walked through the door that day and the dogs — who had been roaming freely around the house — immediately launched themselves at her.

Describing the harrowing incident, Jaqueline said: “When I felt the skin hanging from my face I was just, I thought I was going to die”.

The attack lasted half an hour and officers only discovered Jacqueline because an alarm had been triggered by the front door being left open.

After arriving at the scene it took them another 37 minutes to rescue her, with the agressive dogs posing too much of a risk for officers to enter at first.Jacqueline was then rushed to hospital having lost 30 per cent of her blood and underwent a seven-hour emergency surgery.

Her parents revealed that she had to be resuscitated on the operating table “multiple times” and was placed into a medical coma for a week.

She was released from hospital after 60 days and has now undergone 18 surgeries to rebuild her face and has been sharing the transformation on TikTok.

The initial surgery saw doctors graft skin from her buttocks and her forehead to start the reconstruction process.

In other surgeries she had her nose rebuilt using skin from near her hairline on her forehead and had an upper lip created using skin from her left thigh.

She told her followers in one video: “It’s a long road to go to recovery but I am doing alright I am progressing.”

In another, Jacqueline also confirmed that she was still with her boyfriend, who had recently recovered from cancer when she was attacked.

“Yes, we are still together. With this experience we’ve grown closer together and he’s been there for me since day one and I’m very grateful,” she said.

She added: “What some people might not know is that he had a cancer diagnosis and treatment in the last two years, thank goodness he’s clear, everything’s good with him but I was there for him every step of the way and so with the roles reversed it’s really a beautiful thing to see how true our love is.”

Despite the terrifying experience she went through, Jacqueline still has a love of dogs and dreams of working with them again in the future.

She told CBS: “I was thinking dog training. That’s my dream but I’m not sure where life is going to take me yet.”

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