A glamorous 22-year-old has revealed that she gets stared at when picking up her toddler from nursery because she is the ‘youngest mum’ and is usually the most dressed up.

Kirsty Gladden, from Essex, said she receives judging looks when arriving ‘with fresh lips, lashes and in gymwear’.

The influencer shared her ordeal in a playful TikTok, using Taylor Swift’s lyrics about ‘horrified looks from everyone in the room’ as the audio.

The young parent looked to be en-route to pick her two-year-old up, dressed in a chic pink zip-up with a gilet and wearing a full-face of make-up.

Her clip, which has more than 126,600 views, has struck a chord with other mothers, who rejoiced in being the subject of open stares, including comments from those who had children as young as 13.

@kirstygladden 22 with a 2 year old 😳🤯 #youngmom #horrifiedlooksfromeveryoneintheroom #fyp #momsoftiktok #toddlers #nursery #daycare #viral ♬ original sound – amber💜

‘Try 22 walking in to pick up your three-year-old with your five-year-old and nine-year-old,’ one wrote.

Another parent added: ‘I’m 23 and my eldest is seven.’

‘It’s a vibe girl I can relate,’ one mother rejoiced.

One poster didn’t think Kirsty’s age was particularly shocking, writing that ’22 isn’t really that young to have a two-year-old tbh’.

‘I don’t think it is either but in society it still it (sic),’ she replied.

One nursery worker also took to the comments to reassure Kirsty, adding that she is ‘definitely not judged’.

Kirsty has more than 31,000 followers on TikTok, with her videos racking up 1.3 million likes.

She has also in past made a video about things she’s been told as a ‘young single mum’.

Comments included people questioning whether she has a husband, asking if she gets benefits, and even branding her little one a ‘mistake’.

She revealed that some had even called her cruel names.

Kirsty also shares vlog-style videos which show what she and her toddler get up to.

One clip showed the mother and son baking a cake, and another saw them putting a Christmas tree up.

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