Butt out! TikTok influencer Stella Williams is sticking up for herself against haters who say her belly looks like a butt when she wears tight pants.

The plus-size fashionista constantly defends herself in videos, including one where she explained that she did not get a callback from Khloe Kardashian’s Good American casting call.

In the video, posted this week, Williams wore a white low-cut crop top with two-tone green pants.

“Ummm pants are not very flattering,” one hater wrote.

Williams made a follow-up video, posing in the same outfit as she mused, “If I stopped and thought about what was ‘flattering’ to the world each time I got dressed, I’d be miserable.

“Y’all hate, I’m happy,” she added.

“I think the pants just need a Spanx because I love the colors and lines,” another critic suggested.

“You never need shapewear,” Williams responded in yet another clip. “The only thing you need is to feel good in your outfits! Learn self love and shapewear becomes optional.”

Not to be undermined again, she made another follow-up video, this time revealing that her green pants quickly sold out on Fashion Nova once she told her fans where to get them.

“So if you’ve been influenced, sorry,” she smiled.

Ultimately, Williams got the last laugh when she tearfully updated her fans that she actually did receive an invitation to be considered for Kardashian’s Good Squad after thinking that all the acceptance emails had already been sent out.

“I guess I’m going to New York on Sunday,” Williams said through tears.

“Congratulations, you’re such a beautiful and necessary person in this world. I truly wish you the stars and beyond. May your days be forever blessed,” one supporter commented.

“Congrats and the way u handled the nonexistent rejection was top tier and just like a Goddess you are worthy or this,” another praised.


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