A WOMAN who has covered her body in tattoos has revealed what she looked like before her transformation and people are stunned.

Orylan, from Houston, Texas is now a tattoo model and it’s easy to see why.

The woman is covered in tattoos from her head to her toes, even getting her eyeballs permanently injected with dye to make them black.

On top of that Orylan also sports sharpened teeth bejeweled with different coloured gems and has her tongue split.

But of course, the TikToker didn’t always look that way and revealed some pictures of what she looked like before her makeover.

In a video, Orylan shared some before photos and compared them to how she looks now leaving people stunned.

She was once a fresh-faced young woman with barely-there make-up and bleach-blonde hair.

Now she’s swapped her blonde locks for jet black hair, facial piercings, a butterfly tattoo on her forehead, and leaf tattoos running down the side of her face.

Speaking on the Soft White Underbelly YouTube channel, Orylan insisted she had a fairly typical upbringing, and said her artwork is entirely the result of self-love.

She also said many people prejudge her and assume she had a traumatic childhood when they see her tattoos and body mods.

“I grew up with all my family,” she said. “Most people look at me and they believe I was abandoned, I don’t have any family, or I’m not loved or anything.

“My whole family has been in my life, Grandma, Papa, everybody’s still alive, thank God.”

Explaining how she had a “very supportive, very loving family,” she went on: “I grew up really Christian, so I do believe in God. People don’t think I do, I look like a demon to most people.

But her TikTok video went viral with over 300k views and people were quick to share their thoughts on her makeover.

One wrote: “So much better before bro.”

Another person penned: “You are soooo beautiful without tattoos.”

A third commented: “‘You were prettier before blablablaa’ she looks happier now.”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “You were gorgeous but if you are happier now that’s all that matters!”


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