You might think a mug or a skincare product would be the best present for your child’s teacher this year but this educator would be urging you to put it back on the shelves

Christmas is fast approaching and all over the country parents will be charging round trying to pick up presents for family, friends or even their child’s teacher at school.

But one teacher has warned parents against getting certain gifts for school staff, as receiving the same present from 30 kids in the class can end up being quite repetitive.

Teacher Lucinda Chambers told Mamma Mia that getting a present for your kid’s teacher isn’t always necessary, and a simple thank you would be enough in her book.

But if you do want to give something extra then there are some dos and don’ts of the trade.

She said: “My most memorable gift? That’s probably a tie between a half-eaten Mars Bar and an engagement ring (that was quickly returned to a mortified mother whose child had been exploring her jewellery box that morning).”

Lucinda has had over 15 years in the business so has had her fare share of good and bad presents over the years so has provided some helpful tips for parents.


Lucinda’s reveals that no teacher wants another mug, as they get given them so often – she’s pleaded with parents to think of another present option.

She explained that a re-usable drinks bottle or coffee cup would be a great alternative as over the years she has received enough mugs to sink a ship.

In addition, she says that lotions and other skincare products are not a favourite among teachers.

She explained: “A beautifully scented hand cream or shower gel is a lovely thought, but what ‘smells good’ is highly personal, not to mention that some teachers may have highly sensitive skin.”

And finally, though it might seem like a classic gift, a lot of teachers don’t want chocolate or sweets for presents. As surprising as that might sound, some teachers might just aren’t a fan of these treats.


To secure serious brownie points with your kids’ teacher, Lucinda says that something home made is always a winner. Some cookies, a Christmas decoration or a simple card could be the perfect way to say how thankful you are.

In addition, she suggests giving a donation to a charity on behalf of the teacher. You could ask them if they have a favoured charity and support it on their behalf.

Lucinda said: “A small personalised present is going to be memorable and meaningful. A good stationery stash is the way to every teacher’s heart, so something like a personalised notepad, personalised stickers or stamps are perfect.”

Another good way to spoil a teacher is through a simple voucher and Lucinda says a spa option is always going to be very well received after a difficult year.

Or all the parents could chip in a small amount to get the teacher something more special as she says this is always better then 30 individual mugs.


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