She’s built up a multimillion dollar fortune through her Booby Tape company.

But Bianca Roccisano has revealed she struggles to find love because her money ’emasculates’ men.

The businesswoman, 37, spoke on Tuesday’s episode of The Project where she said men don’t want to date a woman that makes more money than them.

‘What’s really upset me recently in my dating years is that I’ve met so many men, and dated so many men, and they’re really blunt with telling me [I emasculate them]. They’re not even scared,’ she explained.

‘They’re like “You are fabulous. I think you’re amazing. However, the fact that you perhaps might make more money than me…”

‘I will never be okay with that because apparently I’m emasculating them’.

Bianca revealed that at first she thought it was ‘one narcissistic man’ when it first happened but she’s found it more and more common.

She added that her male friends complain their wife ‘isn’t working’ but wants expensive things.

‘The poor women who stay home and are incredible housewives, cop it. Women who work, cop it. Where’s the happy medium? Like I’m not really quite sure what men want,’ she added.

It comes as Bianca bravely revealed she wants to try motherhood solo because her incredible success has made it hard for her to find a husband.

She said she is exploring her options and considering both IVF and surrogacy to achieve her dreams of becoming a mother.

Speaking candidly to Daily Mail Australia, Bianca admitted she has mixed emotions about her decision to become a single mother – and that comes with a lot of ‘sadness’.

Bianca added she never thought she would have to do it on her own.

‘Everyone is congratulating me, don’t get me wrong I’m excited but I’m really sad as well, it’s not how I wanted to do things,’ she said.

‘But at the same time, I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity, so it’s a mixed array of emotions, but ultimately if I don’t meet that person I’m going to be a mum and that’s exciting.’

Speaking on The Project, Bianca added that people judge her constantly, because she ‘likes to look good’.

‘Every single thing you ever see on me, I bought myself. I’m very independent and I get judged for that for that.

‘We’ve been given nothing from our parents. So my dad instilled in us when you’re 18, you’re cut off, go and get it, learn how to do it from now. So that’s what we did.’

Speaking about her decision to freeze her eggs, she went on: ‘I didn’t think I was gonna have this path on my own, but I’m turning 38 in August and I’m supposed to get my eggs out and I’m getting them out in the process at the moment.

‘I wish I did it years ago. So, anyone who is thinking that you potentially might end up in my situation, like, don’t wait, just have a back up and get your eggs out.’

Bianca has had her eggs frozen as ‘back up’ and is giving herself approximately one year to find the man of her dreams and start a family. If not, she will bravely go it alone.

‘I have done everything alone my entire life. Been incredibly independent as I moved out of home when I was 15 years of age and went to boarding school. This is the one thing in my life I didn’t ever dream I would have to do alone,’ she explained to Daily Mail Australia.

‘It’s a mixed array of emotions at the moment, it’s a lot you know, it’s not how I thought I would have a family but what do I do.

‘When you’re a kid you think I’m going to get married at 26, have a baby by 30 and three babies by 35 and live happily ever after, but that’s not the destiny for me.’

The brunette beauty would love to find a man with ‘good values and morals’ and has been on numerous dates, but finds even the most successful businessmen are often intimidated by successful women like herself.

‘I want to make it clear I would make time if I had the opportunity to, but I have been going on dates and I get this reoccurring message, they’re like, ”you’re such a cool chick, I love hanging out with you but I would never feel comfortable as a man that you make more money than me,” she said.

‘The problem is, I’m an alpha woman and I’m attracted to alpha men and they’re feeling emasculated and then my feminism kicks in. I’m like, ”why are we’re talking about money on one of our first dates?”

Bianca, who is based between her hometown in Melbourne and Los Angeles, has also dated some men who try to use her for her money, but she refuses to be a ‘sugar mumma’.

‘Then I find the other extreme and they love it, one younger guy was like, ”my credit card isn’t working can you pay?” I’ve had people ask to pay for trips,’ she said.

Booby Tape has been a huge success for Bianca and her sibling Bridgett Roccisano.

The Melbourne sisters became self-made millionaires after launching their $21.95 breast tape which promises to ‘lift any size bust’ in 2018.

Their must-have beauty item, which is sold in more than 50 countries, now has an annual turnover of $10million.


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