This Hooters waitress has some pretty huge tips — and they’re going wildly viral.

Slinging wings part-time is an apparently lucrative gig for law student Leah Fennelly, 23, who raked in a jaw-dropping 10.3 million TikTok views with a clip revealing how much money she earns in gratuity during an eight-hour, 12-8 p.m. shift on a random Thursday.

“First three tips of the morning we have $3 cash and some change, $7 cash and some change and $8 cash in some change,” says the smiley brunette, from Florida, as she flaunts the bills for the camera.

Later while on duty, Fennelly — while donning a deep-V cut Hooters T-shirt and the chain’s unmistakable orange uniform shorts — then shows off another influx of cash tips from three other customers, including $6, $14 and $23 tips.

She went on to display five bonuses she scored from debit card transactions, which included massive $31 and $50 tips.

Fennelly hoped she’d hit the motherlode when a baseball hall-of-famer, who’d stopped by the eatery for a bite, sat at one of her tables.

“I literally had no idea who he was, but customers started going up to him and asking him for pictures and autographs,” she said.

However, the unnamed “pitcher” ultimately gave her seven bucks.

But the baller’s small token of appreciation was later offset by heftier boons from patrons, who blessed her with tips ranging from $17 to $38.

After the shift, Fennelly counted out the day’s haul for her more than 117,000 fans, revealing that she earned an impressive $282 in cash, plus $100 sent via CashApp from one of her regular customers.

Thunderstruck cyber-watchers were blown away by her extraordinary payday.

“Lol I’m a nurse and you make more than a starting nurse in a 12-hour shift,” laughed a viewer. “I’m an engineer and this girl makes more than me lol, I’m never tipping again,” teased another.

But Fennelly isn’t the only Hooters hotshot making bank for serving up steamy dishes in clinging, cropped couture.

A platinum-blonde waitress in Georgia went viral for racking up an epic $521 during her midday shift at the top of the year.

And cleavage-feigning staffer, Kirsten Songer — who struck TikTok gold in June with a clip about how she transforms her A-cup breasts into mountainous knockers for work — was praised when she revealed that she earns upwards of $400 a shift at Hooters, which is money that she allocates toward her college tuition bill.

However, in Fennelly’s case, a handful of commentators were highly disappointed to learn that her major league-playing client left her a meager handout.

“Nobody talking about the 7 dollars from the ex-professional athlete?” wrote one critic. “If it was 20 percent of his bill, then yeah it would be fine. But acting like people don’t deserve tips is ridiculous.”

But, in a separate post, Fennelly assured everyone that she’s extremely “grateful” for every tip she gets — regardless of the amount.

“We’ve all been there, where we get a $0 tip and it sucks,” she said. “So, I’d rather get a $5, $6 or $7 instead of getting nothing. I’m grateful for everything that anyone is giving to me for providing them [with] good service.”


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