A DAD is facing the “worst Christmas ever” after telling his kids he can’t afford to buy them presents or a tree.

Ryan Croft, 36, was forced to close down his scaffolding business after struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

It forced the dad, who has “no money” and sofa surfs, to fess up to his kids that Christmas would be “different” this year.

But incredibly, his understanding brood told him: “It doesn’t matter, as long as we have each other this Christmas.”

The reaction left Ryan, from Leeds, West Yorkshire, utterly heart-broken.

Ryan’s ex-partner, who he has a good relationship with, currently has the kids with her, LeedsLive reported.

The family have no Christmas decorations up in their home and Ryan said the situation is dire everywhere he looks.

This year has been a massive challenge for the dad, who almost “froze to death” when forced to sleep in his van in sub-zero temperatures.

And with the added hell of issues with his benefit payments, Ryan said he is “struggling”.

He even knows people who have been forced to shoplift just to put food on the table.

Ryan added: “It’s a depressing time.

“It’s supposed to be a time for celebration and family and this time it’s not.”


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