A self-proclaimed “human Ken doll” has spent about $70,000 on cosmetic surgeries to achieve his “fake” doll-like appearance — and he’s not done.

David Kosir, 27, has gone under the knife several times in the past few years, getting a nose job, new teeth, a hair transplant and laser freckle removal after being inspired by social media.

“I do really like the plastic, fake look,” Kosir told Kennedy News. “I’m going for a human, male Barbie doll look, like Ken — that would be the ultimate aesthetic for me.”

The Aussie began his plastic transformation in 2019 when he first dabbled with filler.

“I started getting lip filler and then I moved onto doing cheek filler and then I did jaw and chin filler,” he explained. “I really had no plans originally but I never really liked my nose so I always knew I wanted to get that done.”

In May 2021, he underwent his first permanent procedure with a $9,000 rhinoplasty (nose job) at home in Melbourne.

“Everything else has just been discovering it and then going, ‘I’ll give it a shot’ and then just doing it. It’s very impromptu really,” he said.

Kosir’s social media pages were flooded with images of beautiful people with different cosmetic surgeries that inspired him to continue. Plastic surgery has been on the rise in recent years and experts have warned that social media and filters have played a major role in this increase.

“Honestly it was scrolling through social media, I was like, ‘these teeth look nice, what are these? Veneers and crowns, what are they?’ and then I looked into that and thought, ‘I should get that done,’ ” he said.

He then got veneers on his top teeth for a staggering $17,000 in July 2021, before jetting to Turkey in May for a cheaper set of crowns on his bottom teeth, which cost $5,000.

At one point, Kosir noticed that he was damaging his hair from bleaching and coloring it constantly for two years so he traveled back to Turkey spending $9,000 on his hair transplant and travel.

He’s also splurged on luxury facials every eight weeks each costing $700 and laser freckle remover every three months costing $2,000.

In the last three years alone, Kosir has racked up a $68,539 bill for all of his cosmetic procedures.

Now, he’s finally decided to take a break from filler but isn’t done with his major modifications.

Kosir plans to return to Turkey to undergo an “intense” round of five facial surgeries in February totaling $14,000. To complete his fake facade, Kosir has scheduled a fox eye lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid reduction), temple and cheek lift and fat transfer to numerous areas of his face.

“It is a lot of money but you’ve got to spend your money somewhere so why not do something that makes you happy. I find it worth it,” he reasoned.

“I don’t think there’s too much else I want to do after my next round — I think it will give me a bit more of a permanent aesthetic, which is what I’m going for. But never say never, I could definitely find something else that I want to do.”

After just three years, Kosir has already seen some “sagging” and “droopiness” from the fillers which he plans to remove and correct.

“I’m on the thin side so because I have injected stuff into my face it kind of makes the other areas of my face look a bit disproportionate,” he explained.

“I think once I’ve had the fat grafting done my face will look a bit more symmetrical while still maintaining the big features. The surgery is kind of to correct that but also to give everything a lift and a bit of a sharper, exaggerated look.”

In fact, Kosir has completely changed his face to the point where he no longer recognizes his pre-op face, which has left him with mixed feelings, but he has no regrets.

“I don’t recognize myself looking at old photos. It’s weird, it’s mixed emotions. I don’t actually hate how I used to look, I can appreciate both aesthetics that I’ve had,” he said.

“For me, I’ve always just had fun going for a different aesthetic, I get very bored and I think that’s why I used to dye my hair so much.”

He loves changing his appearance and knows that his new “attention-grabbing, out-there look” isn’t natural, but that’s exactly what he wanted.

“I don’t think I look that crazy but I guess people think otherwise because I get so many negative comments,” he said. “The first video I posted was just a little transformation of a few things I’ve had done and there were thousands of comments all like ‘what have you done?’ “

Kosir was shocked by the flood of hateful comments he received on social media from people he doesn’t know, especially because it is so opposite from what he hears from friends and family in real life.

“I’ve talked to people in my life, being like, ‘all these people think I should reverse it, what do you think?’ and they’re all like, ‘no, we think you look better now,’ ” he said.

“It just really shocked me that people can be so negative toward a complete stranger. I’m happy in life so that’s all I really care about and I don’t mind the attention so it is what it is.”

Despite the barrage of rude and hateful comments he receives online, he’s also found some support from his followers and plans to continue sharing his transformations online to encourage others to do what makes them happy.


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