Known for comments on the topic on which he is a self-proclaimed expert, Andrew Tate once again expressed his views. This time it was about Will Smith and how he handled Jada Smith cheating on him with August Alsina. The self-proclaimed trillionaire Andrew Tate blasted Jada Smith and called her “Ratsh*t A*s Female”. During the ‘Red Table Talk’ Jada Pinkett Smith revealed she had an affair with American singer August Alsina while she was married to Will Smith. While reacting to the video, the internet sensation expressed his loss of respect for Will Smith.

Why did Andrew Tate lose all respect for Will Smith?

In a video on his channel, Emperor Tate, Andrew Tate was seen reacting to the episode of ‘Red Table Talk‘ where Jada Smith and Will Smith were discussing the headlines that were made when she revealed her affair. Andrew Tate started by saying, “once again the female takes it back to emotionality and feelings”. While being the self-proclaimed messiah of masculinity, Andrew Tate said,

“If you’re a man and you’re watching this you need to be very very aware of this trick every single female does this about anything they can crash a car they can suck a d*ck like it doesn’t matter.”

Will Smith and Jada Smith discussing the affair did not please Andrew Tate

In the video, Will Smith and Jada Smith are laughing while talking about how the personal lives of famous people are business to the world. Andrew Tate mocked Will Smith and said “Will is again showing I have no fight inside of me. There’s zero percent chance of me showing I am angry I have no fight inside of me so to keep this civil and nice.”

While reacting to Will Smith, he said Will Smith was the only person he liked,

“I lost all respect for this guy [Will Smith] man. I liked him and I don’t like anybody but I had nothing genuinely against him but he’s [Will Smith] just a p**sy, he’s a b**ch.”

The internet gobbledegook once again stood for what he believed was right and expressed his opinions. One can always wonder what Andrew Tate has to say next for any celebrity.

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