SAINSBURY’S are selling a selection of sleep suits with a twist sure to keep your little one warm all winter.

Many Britons have struggled with rising energy costs this winter, especially during heavy snow earlier this month.

Some households can’t afford to keep their heating on for long periods including overnight.

Luckily, one mum has found a brilliant product to help keep your babies warm over the coldest months.

TikTok user @tattfamily shared what she’d found in Sainsbury’s during a routine grocery shop.

She said: “If you are a parent of a baby or small child, you are going to want to see this.

“It’s absolutely freezing in the UK at the moment and unfortunately not all of us can afford to heat our homes inside.

“Sometimes it’s very cold inside, especially at nighttime.”

The TikTokker said her family has not been sleeping with the heating on at night.

“We can’t afford to, that’s just how it is,” she added.

The mum says she has a six-month-old baby and can’t keep layering her with blankets as it’s “not safe.”

She continued: “I was in Sainsbury’s looking at the baby clothes today and I found these

The blogger held up two adorable baby grows which have one key difference.

“Obviously they are an all-in-one sleep suit but they are 2.5 tog.

“That’s is basically the same as the sleeping bag she’s been sleeping with but for the whole body.

“We have the 2.5 sleeping tog for winter but this is in a sleep suit version – how smart is that?” she shared.

The sleep suits in Sainsbury’s are currently retailing for just £10 each.

Those in the comments were keen to get their hands on one after the recommendation.

One wrote: “I defo need these! I’ve had no heating for days due to a broken boiler this will keep her warm all day.”

“Thank you for sharing these, will be going down to my local tomorrow xxx,” someone else wrote.

Another said: “100% agree my little one stayed so warm last night!”

After others complained the garments were out of stock, a helpful commenter gave a great tip.

“Remember if Sainsbury’s are sold out to always check Argos as they also stock xx,” they shared.


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