A WOMAN has revealed that she found out she was pregnant at just 13-years-old.

Olivia Rose, also known on TikTok as @oliiviamorrison, explained that when she found out she was pregnant when she was just a young teenager and many people around her questioned whether she should keep the baby or get an abortion.

But the youngster decided to go ahead with the pregnancy and gave birth at 14-years-old.

Olivia is now a 19-year-old mum-of-one and expressed on social media that she choose to keep the child – and it was the best decision she has ever made.

The teenager has 52.1k followers and 3.5million likes on the video sharing platform and has opened up on life with her now four-year-old daughter.

Olivia, from Newcastle, posted a clip to the video sharing platform with the caption ‘the best decision I’ve ever made’.

She revealed that when she found out she was pregnant, people said to her: “Are you sure you want to keep the baby? You’re only 13…” to which Olivia said: “Yes”.

Olivia explained that she is: “Humble enough to know that 13 is too young to be carrying your first child.

“But not regretting a thing because it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

“My best friend for life.”

In another clip, Olivia revealed the things that she has learnt since becoming a mum at the age of just 14.

She said: “Love at first sight is a real thing.

“It’s okay to reach out for help if you struggle.

“You 100% do find out who your real friends are.

“Your mother instinct definitely does kick in.

“Time goes by so fast, you need to treasure every moment and take 100s of pictures.

“You’ll never feel another love like it”.

TIkTok users were left divided over Olivia’s pregnancy – whilst some thought that 13 was too young to be pregnant, many thought that it was lovely that she had raised such a beautiful daughter.

One person said: “She’s beautiful, you seem to be living a fun life”.

Another added: “Coming from someone who had a baby at 15, I know how traumatic it can be, I hope you’re okay and your daughter’s gorgeous”.

A third commented: “That’s so cute, she’s going to grow up with a mum as her best friend. Keep going, I think you’re doing amazing”.

Whilst someone else noted: “I’ll never get how you can not support that. Out of personal experiences the most important thing for a kid is LOVE!! I’m sure she gets a lot of love so”.

However, not everyone was as complimentary of the situation and many left nasty comments.

One user posted: “So young”.

A second chimed in: “Dawg 13 is still a kid I can’t”.

Meanwhile, another joked: “Mum, can you help me with my homework? Sorry darling I’m doing mine”.


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