A young mum has been blasted on social media for having her hair and makeup done in hospital while in labour to avoid looking ‘sweaty’.

Before the birth of her second child in 2020, Carly Temple, from Mississippi, wanted to look her best – but many were left questioning her vanity.

Sharing behind-the-scenes footage on TikTok, the mum brought a whole stash of beauty supplies to the ward and can be seen curling her hair while in the hospital bed.

She also took a quick selfie video showing off her full-face of makeup complete with fake eyelashes, lip gloss and shimmering eyeshadow. At that point she was ‘4CM’ dilated.

‘I really gave birth like this,’ she captioned the video.

Another photo included in the video shows someone touching up Carly’s hair during the 17-hour labour.

The final shot is of Carly holding her new baby as the two sleep soundly together.

The video swiftly exceeded more than 700,000 views with many criticising and mocking the young mum for her choice.

‘When you care more about your vanity than child,’ one person commented.

‘And I’ll be lucky if my legs are shaved,’ another said, a third added: ‘Why so extra?’

‘Makeup was the LAST thing on my mind when I was in labour,’ another woman wrote.

Others thought Carly also looked similar to Kylie Jenner.

@carlytemplee I really gave birth like this ✨ #babysoftiktok #makeup #goddessofchildbirth #fyp ♬ I Love You Baby – Hekta

Despite the backlash, others offered their support to the young mum.

‘I think if I had something to focus on other than whatever was playing on tv I would have had a much easier time laboring this is awesome,’ one person wrote.

‘Why y’all worried about her doing her makeup. That may be a really relaxful way [sic] of dealing with labor. Self care,’ another added.

A third said: ‘Gorgeous! These photos will be looked back on just as much as your wedding so why not want to look your best?!’

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