A BEAUTY lover was mortified after an appointment to get the perfect pout left her looking like a duck.

Like all beauty procedures, even if performed professionally, getting your lips done comes with a high risk – and no one knows it better than Daniela, a young woman from Sweden.

Desperate to get the pout of her dreams, Daniela, who refers to herself as Dandan on TikTok, decided to have 0.5mm of filler in her lips.

But unfortunately, things went from bad to worse, and she even got to the point of regretting having agreed for the procedure in the first place.

Mortified, the woman took it to social media to share the experience, where the video has gone viral.

”tbh i still kinda regret them cuz they just dont feel right [sic], Daniela wrote in the caption.

Uploading snaps of her new lips, which looked bruised days after having lip filler injected in them, Daniela admitted that she didn’t like the look of them.

”i look like a freaking duck from the side.”

But to make matters even worse, the beauty lover was left with a weird sensation in her lips.

She described it as having little bumps all over, and warned that unless you were a hundred per cent sure you wanted to get fillers, it’s best to steer clear from them.

”the thing is I wasn’t excepting to LITERALLY feel the filler when I touch my lips, they were so hard at the beginning I could barely move them,” she went on in the comments.

And although many said the new lips looked good, Daniela disagreed, adding the pout felt unnatural after the makeover.

In fact, the young woman was so put off by the unpleasant experience, she even vowed to never get them done.

Nonetheless, despite not being happy with the results, the beauty community on TikTok seemed to share a very different opinion.

”they look so good girl what???” one person was confused as to what the fuss was all about.

A professional added: ”Nurse injector here. Give it two weeks babes, you’ll love them.”

”A week in mine was still very swollen tbh!! give it a couple more weeks, i had 1ml and it only looks a slight change, and they look and feel natural,” a third commented.


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