When Kasandra and her husband were cleaning her youngest son’s room, she never could have imagined that they’d find something so inappropriate that shocked the couple to her very core.

“He snuck and ordered it without us knowing. He was hiding it in his room,” the mum of two reveals.

Kassandra took to TikTok to share her devious plan to embarrass her boy into never going behind her back and ordering such a vulgar item again.

It was time to teach the teen a lesson, after all…mother knows best.

“I’m wearing my son’s inappropriate hoodie to pick him up”

“My son just ordered a ‘I love hot mums’ hoodie without my knowledge. So, guess what I’m wearing to school to pick him up in?” she joked as she waited in the car to give him the biggest surprise of his life.

As the boys climbed into the car, they were speechless when they saw their mum sporting the ill-suited fashion, so much so that Caston, the youngest boy found it hard to string a sentence together.

“How was your day?” she asked sheepishly.

The poor kid lost all colour in his face and only could muster up one word.

“What? What? What?” he stammered.

“Mum why are you wearing that?”

Kassandra called him guilty before asking if he liked her hoodie, then her eldest son chimed in, clearly amused by the ordeal.

What the heck? Why are you wearing that?” he asked.

“I don’t know. We found it in one of your rooms,” laughed the mum-of-two.

The car erupted in laughter as young Caston sank into his seat.

The comment section filled hilarious comments from wildly amused followers.

“Homie wouldn’t look at the hoodie to save his life,” one individual commented.

“It’s the way he first saw it and then refused to look below eye level after that,” laughed another.

“I haven’t laughed so hard in ages, ain’t nothing like calling them out when they think they’ve gotten away with it,” joked a hysterical follower.


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