How Men Feel After A One-Night Stand

While many people believe that men love one-night stands and it’s the women who don’t end up feeling good after a hookup, it’s not always true, and not all men have the same thoughts or feelings after a one-night stand.

While some guys consider it ‘nice’ and believe that’s the best thing that could happen to them – hook up, have a one-night-stand with an unknown woman, and then as soon as the two wake up in the morning, they call them an uber before anyone knows and that’s it – “never see you again, bye bye.”

Others might night think like that; in fact, many guys feel crappy after having sex with a total stranger with absolutely zero attachment and feelings, and some even feel guilty about it. Yes, you read that right.

Here are a few possible things men think after they have one-night stands.


These men mostly don’t like serious relationships and think it’s nice to have a casual one-night stand with a random person they meet at the bar or while taking a subway and just end things as soon as the pleasure ends. No commitment, no strings attached. Mostly, in the ‘nice’ scenario, both parties have the same feelings, and they use sex as a way to feel better about themselves and boost their self-esteem.

“What was Her name?”

The case when men don’t even remember the girl’s name after having a casual sexual encounter. There is nothing personal, but they are just not interested in knowing the woman’s name, especially if they are high on alcohol. And this forgetfulness is not exclusive to men; women could also happen to forget names after a fling.

“What Was I Thinking?”

The clan feels guilty after meaningless sex with a stranger and fee; regretful later for being emotionally vulnerable and acting impulsively without taking the consequences into consideration.

“I Hope She’s On The Pill”

The ones who start thinking about the consequences of a casual sexual encounter as soon as it is over and worry about several things including the chances of women getting pregnant or catching an STD. These concerns are often worrisome for some people; however, others choose to ignore them and move on with their days as if nothing happened.

“I hope She Doesn’t Think This Is Going Anywhere”

The case of those who fear commitment and don’t want anything serious or long-term out of a casual one-night-love affair. In most cases, men who want nothing from the women after they are done with them clarify their intentions in advance to avoid inconvenience and accountability later.

“I Wouldn’t Mind Doing That Again

If the sexual experience was fulfilling and particularly enjoyable, the man could think of doing it again with the same woman. It’s not necessary that again happens ‘right away’ – it could also lead to him asking the woman out on a proper date and might turn into something serious, but that depends on the kind of person you are sleeping with.