Johnny Depp might have won the defamation case against Amber Heard but he still has a long way to go for reviving his career to its formal glory. Depp garnered unprecedented support on social media as the six-week Virginia trial was televised and people could explore and scrutinize even the minutest details, which they did and delved into them for good as well. Among the Hollywood celebrities, many expressed abject support for the Pirates of the Caribbean actor and several congratulated him on his victory as well. However, a lot of them now seem to have backed out in the light of recent revelations that might have caused a moral conundrum within many. However, a big name who still has unwavering support for Depp happens to be Jennifer Aniston.

Johnny Depp losing out on popular support

Johnny Depp was not physically present in court when the jury gave its verdict for the defamation case in his favor. Nevertheless, Depp took to Instagram and shared a heartfelt message in the form of a letter expressing his gratitude and extreme joy in “getting his life back”. Depp’s loyal fandom and his supporters in the film and entertainment fraternity shared his delight by liking and commenting on his post.

However, recently many likes on Johnny Depp’s post have gone missing. Several celebrities like Robert Downey Jr, Joey King, Jason Momoa, Bella Hadid, Zoey Dutch, Elle Fanning, Sophie Turner, and others had double-tapped to Depp’s redemption. But, according to Newsweek, the wild support seems to be slowly receding, as many of these celebrities went back and unliked Depp’s Instagram post. This action raises several questions as to what could be a general idea and thought process behind this. The most probable explanation could be that instead of unequivocal support for Depp, they prefer taking a U-turn and maintaining neutral ground.

Jennifer Aniston is a FRIEND indeed

Despite many celebrities forsaking Johnny Depp’s side for neutrality’s sake, his Instagram post still has the validation of over 1.9 million people and Jennifer Aniston continues to be one of them.

Apart from the fact that Jennifer Aniston hasn’t unliked Depp’s post, it is also notable that she does not follow Amber Heard on Instagram. Both of these small but significant gestures spell how she still remains in Depp’s favor.


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