Healthy 9-year-old went to sleep but never woke up – now his family is asking for prayers

The thought of dying in your sleep is so frightening because you never know when it will happen. In Utah, a 9-year-old died this way, and no one knows why. The family has now asked their community to join them in grieving for their child. On Friday, March 11, Logan Gagnier had gone to sleep – but never woke up. At this point, they don’t know the reason for his death but they’re asking for prayers. “He just had a ton of energy. Always trying to make people laugh,” his uncle JD Sheppard said.

Logan’s older sister had come to his room to wake him up. Since it was a Saturday, the entire family was about to start their day with him. Since there was no reason for his family to be worried, they just assumed he was sleeping in. However, when his sister tried to wake he didn’t respond. No one understood how this could have happened. He had just spent the previous day face timing his brother and playing with his cousins.

“Saturday morning, the house kind of starts waking up and mom said, ‘Where’s Logan?’ They went to wake him up from sleep, and unfortunately, he passed early on in the evening.” Speaking about Logan’s school, Sheppard stated, “I think this strikes a chord with a lot of people. People can understand the horror and the grief of such a tragic, tragic circumstance.”

Life’s Tragedy- A Young Child Died In His Sleep

Logan was a perfectly healthy child. So, how he died in his sleep has been a complete mystery to his family. But, it must not be forgotten that his family has been showing great strength. While they have no answers to his death, they have accepted it.

Logan will be remembered for his love of football. Recently, he had made a transition from flag football to tackle. And being close to Brigham Young University (BYU), he had been hoping to make the team. In his remembrance, his school- Mountain Trails Elementary- decided to cover the grounds with blue and orange ribbons.

Speaking about his love for the game, JD mentioned, “He would turn on YouTube ‘BYU’s Top 100 Plays’ and he would watch it on repeat. Our whole family loves BYU football, but Logan loved it to the next level. We didn’t have any warning. There were no signs of any kind of sickness or illness or trauma, but God gave us some special moments. God gave us some really special times with him.” It is a tragic tale that a young, exuberant child had to pass away.

The BYU football had special plans lined up to honor Logan. The family has also put up a GoFundMe page to help with the funeral expenses.

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