Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein is having some trouble behind bars. The prisoner, whose vision is failing, is also having some serious dental issues.

The prisoner’s molars are rotting to the point of a medical emergency. But Weinstein is terrified of allowing the prison doctor to pull his teeth.

This week, he tried to convince a judge to allow him to see a private dentist instead.

Prison doctors basically do the bare minimum, and Weinstein doesn’t want to be left with holes in his mouth. “This situation is an emergency,” he told a Los Angeles judge on Wednesday. “I will pay for the dentist … it will be one trip and one trip only.”

According to Weinstein’s lawyer, Mark Werksman, the prisoner was given two choices. He could either leave his teeth alone or have them pulled by the prison dentist. While perhaps it’s not desirable, Weinstein is, in fact, a prisoner and therefore, unless a situation is life-threatening, isn’t going to be given the kind of five-star medical treatment he was likely used to in his life as a rich and famous producer.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lisa Lench said that the rapist had visited the medical bay at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility twice. However, he’s still dealing with issues stemming from the rotting teeth. The disgraced producer says he’s in a great deal of pain.

“I’m in pain every day,” he pleaded. “I have cavities and I can’t eat because I’m missing teeth.”

Weinstein’s lawyer argued that denying him the care he desires would be a violation of his constitutional rights, and he said the gaping holes in Weinstein’s mouth make him look “ridiculous” and “like a caricature.” The judge pushed back.

Lench said that a trip to a private dentist is absolutely not the norm because of the manpower it would involve. She instructed his lawyer to write a request for the dental work for her to review at a later date.

Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison in March 2020 on multiple rape and sexual assault convictions. Weinstein says he received an unfair trial and is in the process of appealing the case.

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