Hailey Bieber is on the ‘Rhode’ to success.

Last year in June, the model and socialite launched her skincare line, which she claims to be cruelty-free and affordable for everyone.

According to Elle Magazine, “The launch was publicized to Bieber’s nearly 50 million followers, as well as to her husband, Justin Bieber’s 245 million followers.”

Recently, the 26-year-old model-turned-beauty mogul spoke to E! News and shared her vision for the success of her brand and how it plans to give so much to women.

“I believe we are bringing simplicity and accessibility to a space that can feel a bit crowded or overwhelming,” Hailey told E! News. “We develop high quality and efficacious products, and my creative direction and aesthetic brings a unique feel and perspective to the beauty industry.”

Mrs. Bieber added that in a market full of tough competitors and players putting their big names on products, she wants her brand to stand out and overwhelm people with its best quality.

“At rhode, we’re not following any playbook when it comes to building our brand. We want to forge our own path in the beauty industry and create a generational brand.”

Hailey has been married to the famous teenage sensation Justin Bieber since 2018.

The couple tied the knot in September 2018 in New York City at a courthouse. A year later, they threw a traditional party for their friends and family to celebrate their union.

According to E! News, “Hailey earned a spot on the 2023 Create & Cultivate 100 List, presented by Ally. The annual list recognizes 100 female innovators and entrepreneurs shaping culture and challenging conventional narratives with their businesses.”

Now, she is looking forward to working for the betterment of her company and providing women with the resources they need for their work and health.

“Our initial goal was to support 1,000 women and their families by 2023 but instead, because of the community’s contributions and the work of our partners, we were able to support more than 3,015 women in just seven months,” said Hailey.

“In 2023, our focus is on women in business, which is a stage of life in which many of our customers find themselves,” She added.

While customers have plenty of options in the beauty market today, Hailey hopes they find something unique and extraordinary in her products.

“There are some amazing products on the market and so many options for the consumer, but I felt like there wasn’t a brand that focused on curated essentials. Our philosophy at rhode is ‘one of everything really good.’”

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