A woman’s bid to teach her grandchildren about the “true cost of smoking” by comparing the price of a food shop with the cost of cigarettes has gone viral.

Judy Lawson, from Tasmania, Australia, decided to test out how much food she could buy in a grocery shop for the same price as a packet of a cigarettes.

She took on the challenge after one of her grandchildren shared their surprise at seeing a customer buying a packet of 40 cigarettes for $56.95 (roughly £29.56).

In a bid to turn the incident into a teachable moment, the grandmother and her grandchildren set about spending an equivalent amount of money on basic food items.

She then shared an image on Facebook, comparing the two, with the post striking a major chord with people online.

She posted: “We made a challenge… smoking v eating challenge.

“Grandkids and I tried to purchase the most value for money ‘basic’ food items and the most popular cigarette brand…

“They were surprised at the amount of food you can buy for the same monetary value.”

Ms. Lawson also posted the receipt to emphasize the point. “Must say I hope this exercise has made them aware of life’s choices,” she said.

Speaking to The Evening Standard, she said: “This was just a simple exercise to visually show my grandkids the true cost of smoking.

“I pray that this exercise will have an impact on them.

“A friend asked me to make it a public post so he could share it. I’m blown away at the amount of people that have shown interest.

“It was never my intention to condemn smokers, but if someone quits or never starts over this post, it was a good post.”

Members of the public were shocked at the high cost of the cigarettes.

One Facebook user Bebet Brown posted: “That used to be a cheap brand of cigarettes, how can people afford to smoke, so addictive though.

“No wonder I see people picking up and smoking cigarette buts thrown on the ground.”

Another Facebook user, Katrina Barnes, added: “Not a smoker but I’m shocked at the price!!! They were under $10 a packet last time I brought them.”


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