Glamorous model, 24, reveals why she and partner sleep in separate rooms

A glamorous model and influencer has revealed why she and her partner don’t sleep in the same bed together. Chloe Szepanowski and Mitch Orval have been in a relationship for eight years and share two children together – Arti, two, and Sunny, nine months.

The 24-year-old shared the reality of her and Mitch’s relationship with her Instagram followers, and admitted their life isn’t as picture perfect as it seems. ‘How is Mitch & your relationship since expanding your family’ one follower asked, to which Chloe replied: ‘It’s never perfect!’

She then went on to reveal the couple don’t share the same bed as her two sons often sleep with her. She continued: ‘We argue, get disconnected, he sleeps on the couch majority of the nights (cause he sleeps better). ‘Sleeping with two kids he says he sleeps like a Labrador HAHAHA.’

The Gold Coast influencer said she was sharing this information with her followers because it’s ‘just straight truths’. She got even more candid as she opened up about their sex life. The mother-of-two wrote: ‘We juggle the household and kids and if there’s any time at night we will watch something or give each other a massage, have a bath, get frisky.

‘And then other nights we wanna watch our own shows or do our own things. ‘It’s a wild ride, but we doing it together at the end of the day. It becomes almost a mutual understanding and we take what we get.’

Another follower then asked if Chloe still shares a bed with her two children. Sharing a photo of herself in bed, the mother wrote: ‘Yes! Sunny starts in his cot in his room and around midnight comes in to bed (I breastfeed) and Arti currently sleeps in our bed still.

‘We ordered his bunk bed- it just hasn’t arrived yet so we will do the transition soon.’ The influencers have been praised in the past for being very candid online and opening up about both the good and bad parts of their lives.

In 2020, Mitch, who rose to fame online in his late teens after posting prank videos on his dad, footy legend Mark Orval, bravely opened up about his cocaine addiction. He made headlines after he revealed he was almost five months sober after secretly battling an expensive cocaine habit.

The prankster said he would go on ‘absurd’ coke binges up to three times per week and had ‘no control’ over himself when he was under the influence. Mitch decided to get sober after realising his cocaine use was affecting his mental and physical health.

‘I was terribly, terribly unhappy in my mental state,’ he confessed in a YouTube video ‘I was always putting myself in positions where I knew I’d be able to drink or I’d be able to get on drugs and I thought something has to change.’