A family is seeking justice after the unimaginable happened during a routine swim lesson.

Dori Scott, a Georgia mother, says her 4-year-old son died during a supervised swim lesson. To make matters even worse, the grieving family of the child, a little boy named Israel, is saying the instructor had a history of being “distracted” and not following guidelines.

It was only the child’s second day of lessons when he reportedly was left to drown on June 14.

The grieving mother said that her son was nervous about taking swim lessons. Still, he was trying to be brave and felt excited to learn. Sadly, the swim instructor failed him and his family in the most utterly astounding way.

Scott told TSR Investigates that the instructor told her that parents were not allowed to watch the lessons. For that reason, Scott waited in the car until the lessons were over. But on the second day, tragedy struck.

“A lady comes and she knocks on my window. I’m sitting in the car and she’s like ‘Come get your baby,’ and when she said that, she said it kind of rude-like,” she told the outlet. “Then I looked at her face and I just saw like tears in her eyes, so initially I knew something was wrong and I just started screaming.”

The grieving family’s attorney says they were refunded the money for the swim lessons. But the family is left desperate for answers.

Scott also told TSR Investigates that she’s now haunted by an excited Facebook post she made on the first day of her child’s lessons. “My big boy’s first big day of swim lessons. He said he’s a little nervous,” she wrote in the post.

The Burke County Sheriff’s Office says an investigation into the boy’s death is ongoing. It also says officers have spoken to the swim instructor, who has disabled her social media accounts.

A GoFundMe for the family has raised over $15,000 at this time.


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