The Queensland police issued an amber alert earlier after the children aged eight, seven, four, and three were kidnapped from their house

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA: Four children, who were abducted from a property in central Queensland, Australia by a man on Thursday, August 11, 2022, have been found alive.

The Queensland police issued an amber alert on Thursday evening after the children aged eight, seven, four, and three were kidnapped from their house near Mackay. The police now revealed that they have located the children who are now safe and well. The children who were found by the police near The Leap were kidnapped by Joshua Carter, 28, at around 11.30 am. The officers said all four children are white and skinny with brown hair.

Issuing the amber alert, the cops said they believed they could be “at significant risk”. After being missing for almost 24 hours, the three girls – aged three, seven, and eight, and a four-year-old boy have been returned to their home at about 9.20 am on Friday, states a statement by the cops.

Police alleged that a white man named Joshua Carter, with a long beard and identifiable ‘Joker’ themed facial tattoos, was seen taking the four children from in a white 2005 Nissan Patrol 4WD with the Queensland registered number plate 063BC9.

“Police continue to appeal for information to help locate the 28-year-old man. If you see the man or you have any information on his whereabouts, you are urged to not approach him, but to contact the police with information or Crime Stoppers,” Queensland police said in a statement.

Queensland Police Inspector Regan Draheim confirmed that the man is known to the police. The officers said he is about 175cm tall with a shaved head and large beard. His body, face, and neck are filled with identifiable tattoos, some of which are inspired by Joker from Batsman.

A White 2005 Nissan Patrol 4WD driven by Joshua was last seen heading towards the Bruce Highway in Mackay. He is still believed to be traveling in the car while the police are unsure of where he is heading at this time.

Inspector Draheim said it is still unclear where Joshua took the four children overnight, though noted they had likely not traveled far as they were returned so early this morning. However, the inspector has not revealed whether charges are expected to be laid.

Inspector Draheim later thanked the media and community members for their support and stated that their support made Joshua change his mind and return the four children. The police are encouraging Joshua to come out to speak with the police.

Before the children were located, inspector Draheim told Nine’s ‘Today’ show on Friday that they received several calls from the community members regarding sightings of similar vehicles “and possibly the children”.

“We will continue to follow up on all of those. People have contacted for all sorts of reasons. A lot of those people are concerned because the children are very vulnerable and they’ve had children themselves or have children and … they want to try and locate these children as soon as possible. We are still working on where they are. We are definitely searching locally for the vehicle and the children,” he told the show.


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