Our children are the most remarkable gift. They are the future of our society and the fruit of our loins, no one ever wants to see their child hurting, let alone being abused in any way. We want to see them thrive, in a world that does not involve anything of a questionable nature.

Sending your child to school can be daunting for new parents, and old. This involves a lot of trust between you, the school’s principal, as well as the teacher who is responsible for a big part of your child’s development. Children spend a large amount of their time at school, so you want to make sure the school and the teachers they hire have a good moral compass.

Would you believe it, but the worst was yet to come for a group of students who attended the Westside Junior High School. They were given cupcakes by their teacher, Cynthia Perkins, aged 36, who was later arrested for about 72 charges for various sex crimes. When she was arrested, she came clean to authorities that the cupcakes she fed the students were actually laced with semen.

Shock! Horror!

You can only imagine the disgust that was met with this heinous deed. How could someone who works in the education industry end up doing something like this? Or better yet, how can someone like this end up working in the education industry?

What’s interesting, is that Cynthia only came clean about the secret ingredients in her cupcakes after she was arrested. We later found out that 68 of the 72 charges were being dropped, and that is a sizeable portion. Why would the courts allow this to happen? Well, it turns out that they managed to convince Cynthia to testify against her husband by offering her a plea bargain in exchange. This means that she gets 40 years imprisonment.

The Mastermind Behind the Crimes

Cynthia’s husband is a man named Dennis Perkins, and he was apparently a former sheriff’s deputy. He is currently facing about 50 charges, all of which are of a sexual nature. He was arrested along with his wife in 2019, shortly after which he was served divorce papers by Cynthia. According to Mrs. Perkins, she was not the mastermind behind the crimes, but rather an accomplice who was manipulated into helping Dennis commit them. The local authorities at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were given a tip-off that the couple had been sexually abusing children and even filing child pornography videos – allegedly. This must have come as a surprise for their friends and family members.

“He is the real monster. That’s what she wants to make clear. It’s not about shifting blame, she took responsibility today. I mean, that’s what she did, but, she looks forward going after the real monster,” said Paul Scott, Cynthia’s attorney.

According to the Law

In order to convict Dennis of the charges he is facing, they needed a little bit of persuasion. Cynthia’s lawyers approached her with the prospect of accepting a plea deal that will at least allow her to be released from prison to retire. Of course, this was too good to pass up, and Cynthia accepted the deal after a little deliberation. The defense attorney reported that;

“She feels a lot of remorse over what’s happened. This is not the kind of case where people are going home happy, but this was the best possible outcome.”

The above is a statement made by James Stokes, who tried his best to get a good deal for her. Therefore, she wasn’t the only one who benefitted from this deal, and her acceptance of the plea meant that they did not have to go to trial, and the victims they sexually abused did not have to revisit their traumas. What’s even better is that the families of the victims agreed to her plea deal before it was proposed.


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