Footage Shows Father Beating Ohio Man Accused of Killing His Son In Court

A father went off in court against the man who was accused of throwing his son into the Ohio River.

22-year-old Desean Brown allegedly stabbed a 29-year-old woman to death named Nyteisha Lattimore, and allegedly threw her son in the Ohio River while he was still alive. Footage showed Brown sitting down in the Hamilton County courtroom in front of a judge for a procedural hearing when the father of the boy—Antonio Hughes snuck behind Brown and punched him in the jaw. From there, he kept punching Brown before sheriff’s deputies quickly restrained the man on the floor. Even after being restrained and cuffed, Hughes continued to lunge at Brown.

As a result of his actions, Hughes was given a contempt of court charge and will be in jail for seven days. If convicted, Brown could face the death penalty.

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