According to the New York Post, a Florida woman named Carla Jefferson was arrested and accused of calling the St. Petersburg Police Department and Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office over 11,000 times in the past year. Police say when Jefferson calls, she “harasses, belittles, swears at, argues with” whoever picks up the phone.

A complaint obtained by the Smoking Gun alleges that Jefferson called the St. Petersburg department 512 times in 24-hours at the beginning of July. She reportedly called the departments about 30 times a day on average, which they say adds up to 10% of the non-emergency calls the St. Petersburg Police Department has received this year.

When Jefferson wasn’t directing “extreme expletives” and “sexual innuendo” to the person on the other line, she was demanding that police arrest her. Officers reportedly came to Jefferson’s house multiple times following the calls, only for her to not answer the door or give them the middle finger when they arrived.


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In late June, Jefferson was arrested and charged with making harassing phone calls, and she was later released on $400 bail. Following that arrest and before her recent arrest this week, Jefferson resorted back to calling the police and challenging them to arrest her, as she told them that she “loves playing this game.”

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