Johnny Depp, one of the most viral celebrities of 2021-22 in Hollywood is said to have taken Disney’s offer of a $300 Million deal for Jack Sparrow.

Hollywood News: Disney terminating Johnny’s contract from their renowned series Pirates of the Caribbeans because of a false case on Johnny by his now ex-wife Amber heard. And hired Margot Robbie as a lead in a spin-off. Later when Johnny won the case Disney started to make various offers to johnny for Their series. They even wrote an apology letter with an offer of $300 million, but Depp declined the offer. Who according to sources now is reconsidering the offer.

Abridgment of Johnny-Amber Case: The Reason and Result

The television trial featuring Amber Heard and Johnny Depp started when Amber Heard obtained a temporary restraining order against Johnny. Also, she alleged a declaration in court that she had been verbally and physically abused by Johnny under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Johnny and heard were married in February 2015, and in May 2016 she filed a divorce and a restraining order against Johnny. However, Johnny declined the charges and alleged accusations that were made by his wife.

Johnny also added, “She is doing this in an attempt to secure a premature financial resolution.” And Johnny also sued her for Defaming the actor when she was alleging, she was a victim of domestic abuse in 2018.

Later, heard again sued johnny back for Defaming her when Johnny called her a liar and a hoax in his interviews. Both Johnny and Amber accused each other of being violent and drug-addicted nature during their two-year marriage.

By 2022, both have sued each other on various allegations. The jury in the latest defamation case found Johnny as well as Amber to be guilty. However, Johnny Depp. was hailed as the victor in the verdict.

According to Jury, Amber defamed Johnny by calling him a violent abuser, that too with a bigger offense involving public figures and making statements like, “an abuser with actual Malice.”

Later in Johnny Depp’s statement, he thanked Juries and said, “Thank you, Jurors! for giving me, My life back.”

The Charges To be Paid: The Punishment

The Punitive damages in civil lawsuits are capped at $500,000 (₹3.5 Crore) and $10 Million (₹8 Crore) for compensatory damages with a total of $15 Million (₹12 crore) is the total amount Amber Heard needs to pay.

On the other hand, Johnny did not incur any Punitive charges and therefore he just needs to pay the amount of $2 million (₹1.6 Crore).

Though, Sources tell that Heard is already set to challenge Virginia’s Court in a higher court. And if that were to happen, she wouldn’t have to pay anything till the higher court gives an outcome.

Disney’s Betrayal and Damages: Johnny Depp Reconsiders Jack Sparrow

There are various rumors and Scuttlebutt that Disney had offered around $300 Million to Johnny with their utmost and sincere apology letter.

After the case, Johnny has been trying hard to recover and uplift his career, but the damage was already done as soon as the case was filed Disney terminated the contract and cut their ties with the actor and not only Disney, but Warner Bro also threw him out of The Series of The Fantastic Beast.

After Johnny won the defamation case against now his ex-wife Amber heard, he declared in an interview that he would not return as Jack Sparrow and Johnny Depp also said, “I lost $600 Million in the trials and Disney just terminated the contract.”

He also later added, “2-years had gone by constant worldwide talk of me being a wife-beater. So, I am sure Disney was just trying to get rid of me just to be safe. The #MEtoo Movement was at full speed, and everyone was joining. They just removed me my Figureheads character rides and dolls were still sold. They didn’t stop selling they just got rid of me as they didn’t want there to be something trailing them.”

And Disney even displayed Johnny’s image as Jack Sparrow in one of its light shows for the first time since 2018. The actor’s image was projected on the castle at Disneyland.

Though, some sources do claim that Johnny is reconsidering accepting the apology letter and $300 Million deal as Disney also threw some more spin-off pirates movies one of which is the early Life of Captain of Black Pearl, which is supposed to release in 2023 and 2024 in the deal.

But Pop-Topic reports claim that “They (Disney) reached out to Johnny Depp before his defamation trial against Amber heard and offered him to come back as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and if he would be interested in another Pirate Film or two.”

Johnny Depp is said to be reconsidering their offer and fans and Disney hope to get him back as The Jack Sparrow.


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