Australian porn star Liam Ellis has gone into excruciating detail about how he broke his penis while filming an intense sex scene.

The eye-watering injury occurred while the reformed bikie was in the throes of passion on-set with one woman, and another man.

‘Basically I was having sex at the time… and it slipped out and I was still in motion and I wasn’t lined up,’ the 34-year-old told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday.

‘That caused my penis to bend and tear, resulting in a penile fracture,’ he continued.

While Ellis said it didn’t hurt at the time, the damage soon reared its ugly head.

‘My penis swelled up straight away and after a few hours it went black from bruising,’ he explained.

Ellis had to undergo surgery to correct the workplace incident and is now back on the mend, although he is understandably concerned he ‘might never be the same again’.

‘I’m worried it might be one of those things that once you do it, it might happen again,’ he said.

Ellis went on to reveal he plans on being ‘cautious’ in the bedroom moving forward, before revealing the one positive thing to come out of the life-changing experience.

‘I got a free circumcision out of it, which is something I’ve always wanted,’ he said.

Prior to launching his career as a porn star, Ellis served more than four years in prison for drugs offences.

Following his release, he turned his life around and focused on his new career path.

Lee, whose nine-and-a-half-inch penis is reportedly insured for $1 million, said he was shocked to learn that his first scene with White had left her complaining of abdominal pain.

‘I found out two days later she’d gone back home to Australia. She said her stomach was hurting, and she had to go see a doctor—apparently her appendix burst in the scene, which could have killed her.’

When quizzed by the podcast host on whether the size of his manhood was to blame, Lee replied: ‘I don’t know. But listen, I could have killed Angela White on our first scene.’

White has briefly spoken about the potentially fatal incident before.

In 2016, she tweeted that surgeons had removed her appendix via her bellybutton.

‘They had to make an incision above my pubic bone and at my hip. The scarring was minimal and the recovery was pretty fast (I did a porn expo 4 days after surgery),’ she wrote.


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