A British father has revealed how he went to extreme lengths to keep his daughter’s teachers from controlling what she eats at school.

Father-of-three Ross Hunt, from Wales, took to TikTok to explain he had grown irritated by the way the staff at school were handling lunchtimes with his daughter.

He said teachers insisted she eat her vegetables and sandwich before her sweet treats, and explained he had placed a note in her lunchbox to stop them ‘sticking their nose in (his) daughter’s business’.

The label read: ‘Welcome to my daughters’ Lunch Box! We are aware of the contents of this box and are happy for her to eat whatever she wants.’

Many applauded the father’s efforts and shared their own stories of schools trying to take control over what their students eat from their own lunchboxes.

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In a TikTok clip, the father said he was ‘irritated’ at one of the dinner ladies at her school who has been telling her what she’s allowed to eat.

He said the badgering has been ‘putting her off from taking her lunch with them’.

‘It’s alright if you eat the chocolate cake the school gives you but if you put one in their lunchbox they go ‘oh no you shouldn’t have that’,’ he said adding he’s now added a message to her lunchbox lid.

He said he had printed out a second label, but his partner Rachel had said no.

The second label read: ‘Step away from the lunch box, you nosey f******** a*** bandit.’

He said he was tempted to ‘ram (the lunchbox) full of sweets’ but added a sandwich, carrot sticks, an apple, a pear, a small bag of crisps, rainbow drop lollies and a chocolate egg.

‘In short stop telling kids what they should and shouldn’t eat, let the f***ing parents decide,’ he said.

After the dad put the note in the lunchbox, he hoped her teachers would see it and comply.

Hundreds of parents in the comments sympathised with the dad, with many sharing his frustration.

One person wrote: ‘Worked in a school which served cake but we had to confiscate a penguin bar from a kids lunchbox as it’s not allowed. It’s silly to be honest.’

Another commented: ‘My son and daughter are so conscious about what they eat due to the school promoting ‘healthy eating’.’

A third added: ‘I work in a school and have this argument often. I would rather a child ate and was full than lots of ‘healthy’ foods they won’t eat.’

Another suggested a new idea for a third label, commenting: ‘My child is fed. THANK YOU!’ could be an option.’

‘You should sell these labels!’ another TikTok user suggested.’

However in a follow up video, he went through what she ate when she got home from school the next day.

‘Right, let’s have a look what she brought home in her lunchbox. First thing’s first, she didn’t touch her rainbow drops.

‘Apparently she could only eat them if she had her carrots first,’ he said in a follow-up video.

He claimed she didn’t eat her carrots because they had fallen on the floor but she was too afraid to speak up to the dinner lady.

‘She did eat her sandwich, which for reference this sandwich would have contained more sugar than these rainbow drops,’ he said.

‘That is six grams of rainbow drops – calm down.’

She ate some of her apple but didn’t touch her pear, crisps or chocolate gg because she said she didn’t have time.

‘Of course she got in the car and was immediately hungry and nothing was said about the label,’ the disgruntled dad said.

‘In short stick your f***ing nose out of my kid’s business hopefully this will get dealt with but I f***ing doubt it.’

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