Harry Hamlin is nothing but a proud father.

The actor and his eldest daughter, Delilah Belle Hamlin, recently made headlines for a New York Fashion Week photo that many social media users dubbed “creepy” and “provocative.”

And a source familiar with the situation tells Page Six exclusively that the family, including matriarch Lisa Rinna, is “disgusted” by all the “shameful” commentary.

“He is a proud father who was just about to whisper in her ear how proud he is of her,” our insider shares, adding that the photographer of the image in question, Manny Carabel, is “absolutely horrified and so distraught” over fans’ reactions.

Carabel concurs, telling us he’s upset that a “two-minute series of photos taken” was “manipulated into something they were not” and “flipped completely out of context.”

The shutterbug explains that he was assigned to cover the PRISCAVera spring/summer 2023 runway show in Brooklyn during NYFW in September, which Rinna, 59, ended up walking.

When he first arrived at the venue, Carabel says he saw Hamlin, 71, sitting in a chair and asked whether he could snap some pictures of the actor. The photog tells us Hamlin “kindly replied yes.”

Delilah, 24, arrived “moments later,” so Carabel says he “asked if [he] could get a few shots of Harry with his daughter.”

“As Delilah has a history in modeling, she immediately began to strike a pose, if you will, while Harry innocently posed next to her in [a position] he thought would compliment her best, as any father would,” Carabel tells us.

“In no way were any of [Harry’s] movements or demeanor flirtatious, inappropriate or anything derailed from being a loving father.”

Though the photo in question was taken on Sept. 12, it recently made its way to Instagram, where users expressed their concerns.

The viral image shows Harry standing next to Delilah while grabbing her tightly by the waist.

In a sheer top, Delilah is seen staring seductively at the camera while her dad presses his face against the side of hers.

Harry and his “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star wife — who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in August — are also parents to 21-year-old model daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin.

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