Exceptional Reaction From Mom When She Discovers Breastfeeding Video Online

Breastfeeding is the standard and expected method of nutrition for newborns. It’s possible that you’ll have to feed your child in a public location when you least expect it. This was done by a young mother who had no idea she was being secretly filmed. She discovered the clip and had many thoughts about the subject. Keep reading to learn more…

A lady from Maryland was casually scrolling through Facebook when she came upon a video that made her stop in her tracks. Izabele Lomax stopped to take a closer look at the video, and her first impressions were confirmed: it was really a video of herself.

A previous message had been screenshot and sent to her. Reports surfaced that Lomax was recorded nursing in public, and her detractors expressed regret that she hadn’t covered herself. Lomax discovered the screenshot in an online breastfeeding community, where a member of the community had posted it.

To accompany the image, she wrote, “Just pulled up my Facebook and was greeted with this, and I just cannot understand how another female can say this and take. VIDEO of this momma feeding her baby and post it on the internet.” Even though Lomax recognized herself as the mother in the video, she experienced a similar experience.

A quote from her: “I was like, ‘That’s me!’” The breastfeeding mother was completely unaware that she was being filmed in the background. The video’s creator has said they didn’t want nursing women to feel bad about themselves in public.

In their post, they said, “I’m shaming the woman who breastfeeds in public with no respect to cover themselves up.” She said she was avoiding showing her kid topless ladies at the beach and explaining their behavior to him because of their young age.

Lomax was videotaped when she was on a beach blanket nursing her infant. Her talk was being secretly recorded and she had no idea. Lomax, however, did not take kindly to being filmed without her consent and decided to take action. Someone’s dissatisfaction with her decisions caused a negative turn in her day at the beach with her fiancé, baby, and parents.

Lomax replied with a video of her own. She said, “Not only did this woman walk past me multiple times with her son, you had every opportunity in the world to say something to me.” She continued by saying that she would not have stopped nursing at the beach, but that the lady who covertly videotaped her should have at least attempted to speak to her first.

She elaborated that the mom shouldn’t have made her son, who was just four at the time, feel sexual during their nursing session. Lomax thought the lady could have “her own set of issues” because of her attitude. Example: “If you have the time to take a video of me and make this joke of a Facebook post.

You have the time to educate your son about the fact that babies are fed this way,” the angry young mother said. “If you have the time to take a video of me and make this joke of a Facebook post, you have the time to educate your son about the fact that babies are fed this way.”

The angry young mother stated. People around her were taken aback by the woman’s attempt to ‘teach a lesson’ to a young mother who was nursing her child. In the comments, someone questioned, “Who does this woman think needs protection?” Kids? Simple explanation: “That woman is feeding her baby.”

After that, you respond to the kid’s questions and continue the conversation. Like, you know, parenthood. Kids? Simply explaining to your youngster, “That woman is feeding her baby,” would suffice. The dialogue then continues as you answer the child’s inquiries.

In response, someone else mentioned that the baby’s head covered any possible skin exposure. Overall, it seemed that many individuals had strong opinions on this matter. Comment on what you believe this means. If you want to start a stimulating discussion with your loved ones, SHARE this article with them.