Actress Ellen Barkin testified that Johnny Depp, who was often drunk, once threw a wine bottle at her. “He was drunk a lot of the time,” Barkin said about Depp in a recorded deposition played for the jury. “He was a red wine drinker.”

Barkin, 68, reportedly had a fling with Depp while filming ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ in the 1990s. The actress narrated an incident where Depp allegedly chucked a bottle of wine towards her while fighting with others in a Sin City hotel room. “I don’t know why he threw the bottle,” Ellen testified. “It was more like a toss.” Barkin could not remember whether the bottle was full or empty, and said that it did not hit anyone. She could not remember who else was present.

Barkin initially said that she had a “romantic” relationship with Depp in the 1990s. Later, however, she changed her mind and asked the lawyer deposing her, “Can you change that to sexual?” Barkin, who described Depp as a “jealous man” and “controlling”, said that the two slept together about three to four times a week for five months in 1994. In the deposition, recorded back in 2019 and presented in court on Thursday, May 19, Barkin said, “I had a scratch on my back that once got him very, very angry because he insisted it came from me having sex with a person who wasn’t him.”

Barkin claimed that Depp was “drunk all the time” in an “out of control” way. She also recalled seeing him doing cocaine and hallucinogens and smoking weed. “He was always drinking and smoking a joint,” she said.

Barkin has been slammed on social media for her remarks on Depp. “So Ellen Barkin never saw him hurt anyone ever. He “tossed” a bottle but it didn’t hit or hurt anyone. Then he broke up with her. The end. Cool story, bro,” one user wrote. While one said, “Ellen Barkin is embarrassing herself. She‘s holding a grudge for a 3-4 month sex relation. She was married but wanted JD. He said no. Get over it Ellen. That was 24+ years ago! Get over it,” another commented, “Ellen Barkin really took the stand to tell the world Johnny Depp threw a bottle (at whom? she can’t remember; why? she can’t remember) in a Vegas hotel room in 1998 and that Johnny ghosted her shortly after? That’s 11 minutes we’ll never get back.” “11 Minutes with Ellen Barkin has a way different meaning today than it did 35 years ago,” wrote one user.

“So Ellen Barkin gets her chance after 30 years to tell the world Johnny Depp didn’t want a real relationship with her. I seriously would be mortified if I was her,” one user wrote, while another said, “Just an added bonus: Ellen Barkin was married from 1988 to 1999. So she cheated on her husband WITH Johnny. So Im willing to bet Johnny found this out, wasnt too happy and dumped her a**.” “In the time since Ellen Barkin last saw Johnny Depp, he has raised two literal humans who are now adults, that is the reach they have just performed,” one user stated. One user wrote, “Ellen Barkin gets most screen time yet in career: eleven minutes. Still as bland as her other roles.”

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