Many of us enjoy interacting with animals much more than we do with actual people. And why not? Many animals are sweet, caring, lovable, and trustworthy. They also have more emotions than many people give them credit for. They know how to love and nurture one another and are often seen helping each other in times of distress.

That is why a recent video is making the rounds all over the internet. The video, which shows an elephant herd running happily over to greet the newest member of the family, is going viral.

When you watch it, you will see just why everyone is absolutely loving it. The short video clip was filmed at Elephant Nature Park and features an almost 2-year-old baby elephant named Dok Gaew. Dok Gaew was orphaned as a baby and is now being introduced to his new home.

The video starts off with the camera on a herd of elephants making their way quickly across the grounds of the park. You can tell they are moving with a purpose and are eager to see the new arrival!

Dok Gaew is hanging out in an enclosure for the time being as he gets used to his brand new surroundings.

The elephants quickly head to the enclosure to give the baby a very warm welcome.

They are eager to meet him and make him feel like one of them!

The video then shows another view from inside of the enclosure as the older elephants all greet the new arrival. They all gather around and use their trunks to greet the baby as much as possible through the slats.

This orphaned elephant is lucky to have been placed with other elephants who will take him into their fold and raise him the right way.

Elephants can absolutely teach humans a thing or two about co-existing, empathy, and friendliness.

Elephants are well-known for being the “gentle giants” of the animal kingdom. They are herbivores who never harm other animals. They are also matriarchal, which means the females run the herd.

Even though they have enormous physical strength, elephants are generally mellow and calm.

They enjoy the company of humans and co-exist peacefully with other species unless provoked.

Check out the video below of these amazing creatures:

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