While many of us enjoy watching superheroes on television, sometimes the people we admire on screen turn out to be real-life heroes. Dean Cain, best known for his role as Superman in the 1993 TV series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, is one of them. Cain’s story as a single father who gave up his career to care for his son demonstrates that superheroes do exist.

Cain’s journey as a single father is one that we believe is a great example for all parents to follow, and we want to share his story with you.

1. He experienced a rough childhood.

Dean Cain had a difficult childhood despite his eventual success as a world-renowned actor. Born in 1966 to actors Sharon Tanaka and Roger Tanaka, the boy and his mother were abandoned by his father, and the future actor never met his biological father. However, when he was four years old, his mother married Christopher Cain. Cain’s biological father never spoke to him again.

This strained connection with his father had a significant impact on the actor. He had a baby with his girlfriend, Samantha Torres, in June 2000. Despite a protracted custody fight with Torres, Cain did not give up and eventually obtained sole custody in 2011. After going through tribulations as a youngster as a result of his father, the actor made certain that his son would not go through the same.

2. He raised his son alone and made many sacrifices.

The Superman star was there with his kid every step of the way, including feeding him every meal.

“I make every meal for my child,” he explained. He doesn’t eat until I cook. I make an excellent steak. I’m also quite adept at making something out of the 9 leftovers I have.”

Despite the fact that he continued to act while raising his son alone, the actor made every effort to be present at all times. “The last 18 years of my career have been built around being a father first and an actor second,” Cain explained. He attended all of his son’s Jujitsu events and even coached him in football, basketball, and baseball.

3. He doesn’t regret his decision.

The actor’s choice to put his career on wait in order to raise his kid has garnered him a lot of flak, but Cain stated, “I’m there. I’m a very present father, and I’d never do it any other way.” He has no regrets about parenting his son on his own. “People are asking, ‘Have you ever aspired for anything?’” Yes, I’ve wished for a life!”

4. The 2 share an unbreakable bond.

Dean Cain’s upbringing of his son has resulted in an unbreakable bond between them. On Instagram, the actor posted adorable photos of the two of them together and stated, “I think he’s pretty proud of Dad, but to be honest, I’m pretty proud of him.” “I believe he is my favorite human being on the planet.”

5. He is a real-life Superman.


Cain’s sacrifices for his kid demonstrate the love that parents feel for their offspring. Despite being granted an iconic part and a prosperous career, the actor prioritized his son. Cain became Superman in real life by ensuring that his kid would not have a difficult upbringing like he had.

6. He continues to work on his career as well.

Do you have a tale that made you respect your parents’ sacrifices for you? Do you believe that single parents can raise their children successfully?


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