A woman says she now has left her job after an HR case was filed against her for a simple invitation to her birthday party, which she shared with a co-worker.

In her video which has drawn over 151,000 views on the platform, user Jade (@shylojade) uses a text overlay to communicate that the invite drew the ire of human resources at her place of employment.

“When all you did was invite someone you work with to your birthday party and now there’s an HR case open against you,” the text reads.

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In a series of follow-up videos, Jade says she invited a co-worker to her birthday party, who then made a complaint about her to human resources. The TikToker claims the HR representative who approached her about the complaint said that her co-worker told the department she had made him uncomfortable after a mutual co-worker told him that Jade “wanted a situationship.”

While Jade says this was not the case, she was still no longer comfortable working for her former employer because she was not asked for her side of the story. She claims the co-worker who had reported her had asked other co-workers to back up his claims that she had said and done things that made him uncomfortable, even if she hadn’t actually done them.

@shylojade Here is tne HR Story!!!! Part 1 #hr #workproblems #storytime #part1 #party #fyp #trending ♬ original sound – ShyloJade

The Daily Dot has reached out to @shylojade via a comment on the video, as alternate methods of communication could not be identified.

Many viewers recommended she keep her social life and work life separate in the future to avoid situations like this one at her next job.

“Honestly it’s just a hard lesson learned,” one commenter wrote. “Don’t invite co-workers to parties, especially if you’re not cool like that.”

“You don’t go to work to make friends,” another said. “You go to work to make money. Don’t [jeapordize] your income for gossip and oversharing. Trust no one.”

“Girl just avoid being friends with co-workers they will backstab you,” a third argued.


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