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Dad falls to his death from a balcony on the first day of his holiday in Spain

A British father-of-two has fallen to his death on his first holiday abroad to Spain less than a day after ringing his own father to tell him how ‘wonderfully warm’ it was.

Dion Atherton, of London, ‘fell from a balcony’ and died after being in Spain for less than a day, according to his family.

Mr Atherton’s cousin Naomi Brooks described his death as an ‘absolutely devastating’ and ‘unbelievable’ situation for his partner Leanne Colman and the entire family.

Mrs Brooks said he was particularly excited about the holiday because he had missed out on his trip last year due to his passport not arriving in time.

The family realised Mr Atherton didn’t have travel insurance which has made bringing him home ‘extremely difficult’.

Writing on GoFundMe, Mrs Brooks said: ‘The family have since discovered that, due to an oversight, there wasn’t any travel insurance in place. This means that bringing Dion home has been made extremely difficult.

‘Dion had settled into a wonderful life with Leanne and her two girls, and loved spending as much time as he could with his two adorable children.

‘They had some great times on their visits and are really going to miss their Dad.’



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