When Simon Beck goes walking in the snow, he’s not just meandering — there’s a purpose to it. Simon Beck is an artist; his feet are his paintbrushes and snow-covered fields are his canvases. See below. Photos are from Simon Beck’s Snow Art Facebook page.
Many of his masterpieces are as big as three football fields put together.

Beck is an experienced skier and mountain climber. As he points out, “if you walk in the wrong place, you can’t undo it.” Beck listens to Beethoven when walking. It’s not as easy as it looks. “It is actually quite dangerous. When you stop, you’re in great danger. You have to be a bit careful sometimes not to push yourself too hard.”

He uses a compass and mathematical patterns and places great importance on accuracy. Beck’s goal is to try to make enough money to buy better equipment such as lights for his fields (for night creating) and higher quality cameras.

When morning comes, the wind has often blown his masterpieces away. “Looks like a clean sheet to start a new one.” Watch his story in this video:

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